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Blue Light Therapy – Make Your Mornings Better!

Blue Light Therapy iPhone App

Easy and Effective

Blue Light Therapy App naturally wakes up your brain by stimulating suprachiasmatic nucleus, a brain region is activated by blue light and responsible for sleep to wake transition. With this direct brain stimulation, you can expect  much faster than through ingesting caffeine.

Consider using this app when you need to restore energy and alertness. A cup of coffee may take up to 15 minutes to start working, while the app works in as little as 4 minutes!


Gloomy versus Sunny days

Can you remember how you felt on gloomy days with gray skies overhead, brown grass and puddles of water? I know I
feel a certain sadness, melancholy and a desire to not do anything. This is good for watching autumn leaves fall from a park bench, but is very counter-productive if you are living a busy western life with chores and responsibilities.

Compare the feeling of melancholy to the good feeling of elation you may have on a clear sunny day with blue skies overhead. It seems like you can do so much! You may want to go out, start doing something new, or learn and accomplish things.

The difference is in your brain! Some of your eye cells produce a special pigment called Melanopsin, which is sensitive to blue light. Cells with this pigment are directly connected to Suprachiasmatic Nucleus region of your brain. This region
regulates your moo

What are the effects of blue light stimulation?

I have personally used the app and observed others experience the following effects:

  1. Smiling – a smile just creeps up on their face. It’s weird, but people seem to enjoy the app without given a good reason to. It’s subconscious mechanism in action
  2. Less yawning – while you might have been feeling tired and thinking of a cup of coffee, suddenly these thoughts are no longer there
  3. Increased energy – the positive effects seem to last a while

How to use:

1. Do not use at night (APP WAKES YOU UP)

Prepare device: maximizing brightness and OFF nightshif

2. Best used in a WELL LIT ROOM in the morning
3. PREPARE device:
4. DISABLE night shift feature via control center
5. Set device BRIGHTNESS to maximum
6. Set PLAY TIME to 4 minutes
7. TOUCH the screen and play with ripple effect
8. The app will close the session
9. RESTORE device brightness and night shift


Emergency Nighttime use of Blue Light Therapy app

The app makes your brain think it’s a sunny day outside. If used at night, this can mess with your hormonal cycles and iis not recommended. Still, there are situations when the benefits outweigh the costs. In such EMERGENCY CASES use the app to help you wake up:

  1. Find a light source, preferably cool white or daylight spectrum (blue, not orange)
  2. Position a phone so the light is behind the phone
  3. Turn up the brightness of the phone and use as regular
  4. Check your alertness – are you yawning, are you groggy and tired?
  5. Check reaction time
  6. Check coordination – touch finger to your nose with eyes close
  7. If still not enough – find coffee and wait for it to take effect. Use the app while drinking coffee

Be extra careful while operating motor vehicles or machinery, and understand that you assume risks of these actions!

Medical Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This app is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition. Always consult your physician, psychiatrist or caregiver before starting any brain stimulation programs.


Seasonal Affective Disorder

The app’s interactive wallpaper function is intended to help with the seasonal affective disorder. To use it in this mode, select large play time – more than 30 minutes. Plug in your phone into power source and position the phone near your laptop – just as you would a regular photograph. Start the app and enable the “Animate touches” function – the app would produce ripples automatically, preventing your brain from tuning out the light source. Work or use the computer normally while receiving the benefit of Blue Light Therapy.

Additionally, I recommend using bright light bulb in the daylight spectrum as your desk light or office light – this helps create a higher background illumination which can also help reduce the severity of Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms.

Sleep-Wake and Circadian rhythm disorders

Sometimes your biological clock gets confused and you start experiencing extra long days, such as 25-26 hour days, meaning you keep going to bed later and later, while waking up at around the same time. Or your bed time may be drifting wildly.

My research into the subject suggests the following procedure to restore sleep regularity. Let’s say you want to wake up at 8AM.

  1. Abstain from eating for 12 hours prior to awakening (8AM – 12hr = 8PM). In our case do not eat after 8 PM.
  2. Your breakfast time will be your new wake up time (Wake up with alarm and eat breakfast at 8AM)
  3. Use the app in the morning with breakfast, turn up lights. Play with app as you are eating breakfast
  4. Dim lights and reduce electronics use 8-9 hours before your new wake up time (11PM – 12 AM)
  5. Relax in bed at around 11PM – 12 AM, until you feel drowsy, then proceed to sleep.
  6. Optionally, consider taking Melatonin supplement 20 minutes before bedtime as you relax in bed.


What’s the Catch?

Thank you for asking! I’ve developed this app for myself and like the mood elevation results. I’ve researched a lot about circadian rhythms and noninvasive ways to affect the brain. Light turns out is one of them!

I hope that this app would help some people deal with yet another year of Seasonal Affective Disorder, but please understand that 200 lumen, white-light based backlight of iPhone may not produce the same results as 350-10000lumen dedicated light box. Combining the two should produce best results.



If you experience discomfort after using the app, I would recommend discontinuing the use of the app.

As a reminder, always consult your healthcare practitioner before doing anything that may affect your circadian rhythms. Do not use this app in the later part of the day, before sleep or in the middle of the night. Doing so poses real dangers to your circadian rhythm, and thus your overall wellbeing.


More info: google SCN Blue Light



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