Jun 06

5 Minute Quick Start Guide

Thank you for downloading the Lucid Dreaming app!

Here are the steps that you need to take to make the app work:

Set up extra programs

  • Get a sound recorder software (free, here) or find a suitable mp3/Wav reminder. The app comes with no reminders of its own. It will play the “default alarm”, which may be very annoying and not suitable for lucid dream induction. It is highly recommended you change that and record your own reminder.
  • Create a folder on the SDCard named “Recordings”.
  • Put the MP3 in the sdcard/Recordings folder, rename the MP3 file into “lucid.mp3”. You now have a default voice reminder.
  • Read more on how to configure voice reminders


  • Install OI File manager for easier file selection and manipulation
  • (Version 0.7.2 and up) Install Lucid Dreaming App data uploader if you wish to contribute your sleep data to science.

Calibrating the app

Upon starting the app for the first time, it is not calibrated and a calibration screen is displayed.

  • Click “quick calibration” button
  • Look for the yellow bar filling up, when calibration is complete, the app shows clock screeen.
  • If the calibration bar on top does not move (Droid, Samsung phones, etc). Pick up the phone in your hand, gently roll it around making the bar move.
  • Calibration is complete when the calibration activity closes and clock screen is visible

Gather sleep cycle data.

For at least 3 days run the app without reminders and collect sleep data. You will need these to figure out your sleep cycles.

  • Disable all reminders: preferences> Play voice reminders
  • Start the app when you go to sleep.
  • Upon waking from a dream, draw an arrow on the screen pointing to the base of the phone ->
  • In the morning, shut off the app using menu>exit on the clock screen
  • Verify the graph was saved. App home screen>view data>load graph

Working with sleep cycles

Lucid dreaming app revolves around the use of smart timer to deliver reminders when you are dreaming or in light sleep. After you get some dream data, you may try to fit them into “REM episodes” and add those to Smart Timer.

Dreams are triangles, circles are awakenings. A hypnogram (black line) shows how night's sleep may progress and how REM events get longer as night progresses

  • Configure Smart timer events
  • Activate events when you want the reminder to play
  • Assign a combination of voice, vibrate or light reminders to each event


Examine the list of additional features that you may take advantage of.