Lucid Dreaming App: a one man’s quest to change the world.

This website and it’s apps is my attempt to bring lucid dreaming to the mainstream. No complicated techniques. No drilling exercises. Just lucid dreaming on demand. That’s the technology of the future, and I’m helping make it come a little bit sooner.

Lucid Dreaming Apps have a bit of a learning curve. There are a lot of tools and gadgets that I’ve included in an effort to save you time and energy required to learn lucid dreaming. It took me over 8 months of dedicated daily practice to be able to learn experience lucid dreams every day, at will. This was when I discovered Dream Reentry, also known as Dream Chaining or Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream(DEILD). This technique is a special brand of Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming, because the technique takes the dreamer from the waking world into the dream world very quickly, with minimum loss of consciousness. There are no unpleasant hallucinations and it only takes a couple minutes to perform. The outcome is either sleep or lucid dreaming. I’m hoping to be able to teach you to do dream reentry with the help of this app in a course of a couple weeks, rather than months.

Dream Reentry has been independently confirmed by multiple other dreamers over the years, which makes me certain that this is the best lucid dreaming technique: it is quick, it is effective and it produces spectacular quality of lucidity.

The catch is: to reenter a dream, you need to be rapidly awoken from a dream by an external cue. For over 6 years I’ve tried to develop a device to induce just such a cue. Today, you are holding in your hands the result of most of my adult life’s work.   For over 3 years I’ve been teaching myself various programming languages to be able to finally put this project together. I want you to experience true freedom, the same way I did. I to share with you the experience of joy and fun beyond anything that this world has to offer.


The outcome of this project is Singularity, an app that I’ve created to help myself and other dreamers briefly awaken from a dream to be able to reenter it consciously. And this is just the beginning! The kinds of things that iPhone lets even a mediocre developer do is mind boggling. Technology is advancing at an unbelievably rapid pace, and I hope this means that lucid dreaming on demand is near!

The current version of the app uses Actigraphy, a very low cost study of dreamer’s motion to predict when the dreamer is asleep: the app is placed on the mattress with the power cord plugged into your iOS device. When the app is started, it collects your motion data and analyzes it in real time. Over the course of the night, the activity levels fluctuate from almost no activity, very deep sleep to major activity associated with light sleep states, getting out of bed or writing in a dream journal.

Future releases of Singularity would improve the detection accuracy by using external EEG sensors, collecting actigraphy data from the dreamer’s wrist or fine tuning the detection algorithm.


Android app :




How it works

Lucid Dreaming App is The App for lucid dreaming! It works like this – you have a fancy android phone, full of techno gadgetry. Inside the phone is an acceleration sensor – the phone can detect movement and orientation changes. Turns out this little sensor can be used for more than paper tossing games!

Enter Actigraphy – the study of human activity. When an Android phone is placed on the bed, the accelerometer responds to the user’s movements in the bed, after some calibration and filtering, the app can detect tiny movements. We don’t promise that it can detect your breathing, but we are pretty close to it!

How is this useful to me? We dream in distinct sleep cycles – slow, non dreamy sleep followed by a period of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. During non-REM sleep, the body is relaxed and there’s little activity. While in REM sleep the body’s involuntary movements increase in number and intensity. The app picks up these movements and detects REM.

Making you lucid

What happens when the app detects REM? It plays a sound reminder (or any recording of your choice). Sound gets naturally integrated in your dreams. So if you ask your friend to record “[Name], you are dreaming, become lucid” in a casual tone and play it during light REM sleep, you may find yourself in a dream, and the same friend telling you that you are dreaming.  Bam! You find yourself in a “Dream Induced Lucid Dream” (DILD) – a spontaneous realization that you are dreaming!

But what if I wake up? No problem! Many dreamers independently discovered a simple technique that can be used to reenter dreams after awakening in REM. It goes under many names – Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream, dream reentry, Mike’s super famous 100% guaranteed lucid dreaming technique 🙂 , etc..  The biggest obstacle to this technique is realizing quickly enough that you are dreaming and reentering the dream before you become too aware. The app helps with that, because the very thing that wakes you up is your own reminder to become lucid or reenter the dream!

Proof of the app’s effectiveness

A very cool feature of the app is it’s ability to use on-screen gestures to mark interesting points throughout the night. Had a regular dream? Reach out to the phone and swipe your finger across the screen. The app will mark this entry in the night’s sleep log and graphs. Had a lucid dream and are excited to write it down in your dream journal? Draw a star on the screen and the app will remember that. You can even check the night’s sleep graph later to see if the app’s reminder helped you become lucid!  If the app is too sensitive and plays reminder when you are awake, reach out to the phone and draw an annoyed squiggly line on the screen. Then fall back to sleep and see how you can adjust the app’s sensitivity later to avoid this happening again.

Data is yours too!

Are you interested in amateur sleep research or want to test out your latest technique? Well, if you can’t measure it, you can’t control it.  Put the device in detailed logging mode and have a second by second data of your sleep activity available in the morning. Data is available in two formats – CSV for easy spreadsheet processing and JSON for programmatic processing. So go ahead, dream big and make the next lucid dreaming discovery!

“But I don’t even care about lucid dreaming!” Don’t worry, we got you covered – you can turn off the reminders and the application still works as a high sensitivity wireless Actigraph (these cost a lot of money). Simply – it can tell you how well you slept last night, so you can adjust your eating or sleep habits to wake up refreshed and rested. Sleep like a baby again! Some of the statistics available are: total time asleep, how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up during the night, sleep efficiency. A detailed graph is available for you to visually see how well you slept.





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