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Lucid Dreaming App is intended to grow into a free, community supported tool for lucid dreaming. You can help make it better and keep it both free and ad-free! Here’s the app’s google code project: http://code.google.com/p/android-lucid-dreaming-app/

Pre-update testing – help needed!

It takes me a few hours before each release to test the app for both upgrade and fresh installs. This pushes releases further apart.

If you want to make the app work better, please send me an email at [ bugreport at luciddreamingapp.com ] if you want to help with testing. Testing the app involves installing the app on your system and seeing if it works/doesn’t work, and playing with the new features that are coming up. If you are feeling particularly helpful, I will send you a list of steps to execute as a part of the testing routine.

Here’s a list of phones which experienced some issues that I cannot easily replicate on my phone. Without testing, the Lucid Dreaming App may not work on these devices:

  • Samsung Captivate – reported unable to collect accelerometer data in app version
  • Samsung Galaxy S – reported unable to play sound in app version
  • Motorola Cliq2 – reported unable to calibrate in app version
  • Motorola Droid X – reported unable to calibrate in app version
  • HTC Hero (Android 2.2) reported freezes after several hours in app version
  • Huawei Ideos 8510 – freezes after a few hours in app version
  • Acer Iconia A500 Tablet (Android 3.0) – reported crash to splash screen after exactly 1 hour in app version
  • Google G1, Android 2.2.1 “The Official” mod, unable to finish calibration in app version

Translation/internationalization help

The lucid dreaming app is rapidly approaching a point where the app’s interface may be translated. If you would like to see the Lucid Dreaming App in your language, please contact me at [ bugreport at luciddreamingapp.com ]. Translating the app’s interface requires translating ~600 sentences and word sequences. Additional help may involve translating simplified documentation and simplified Android Market description.

Application development help

The app is developed in an Android flavored version of Java Standard Edition. As of May 11, it has about 50 classes of varying degrees of complexity. Do you have anything that you would like to see in the app? Maybe you can help with coding the app? Handheld tablets are the way of the future, and having an experience like this may really help you acquire skills for the tomorrow’s job market!

Additional help

  • Understand Statistics? The app can benefit from better understanding of covariance and variance!
  • Know how to do digital signal processing? The output of an accelerometer is noisy and digital. There’s only so much I can do to clean it up and make it useful. Maybe you can help?
  • Know how to set up matrices for Kalman filters? That can help make the app more accurate.
  • Work as a sleep tech and can verify the app’s output vs real actigraphy, polysomnography, etc
  • Are you familiar with JQuery, HTML or Javascript? You can help make the app’s interface even prettier