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Airsoft is an active, mostly outdoor sport played with replicas of real firearms, which shoot 6 mm round plastic BBs. This sport exists primarily for 2 purposes: to collect replica firearms and to employ tactics and show your skills on the playing field. A lot of game variants exist, all of which involve shooting opponents.

Does it hurt to play?

Consider the following table comparing the muzzle kinetic energy of an airsoft projectile compared to other projectiles out there:

Gun Muzzle kinetic energy
Airsoft gun @ 400 FPS with 0.2g
6mm plastic BB
1.8 Joules
Air Rifle @ 950 FPS with .22
Caliber lead BB
24 Joules
9mm Glock18 Handgun 440 Joules
5.56mm M16 assault rifle 1700 Joules
7.62mm AK47 assault rifle 2000 Joules
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