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Get the data for your own sleep experiments!

If you want to run your own scientific experiment on lucid dreaming and need data, the Lucid Dreaming App offers you a variety of options. It can save data in a standard comma separated log, which is very easy to process in spreadsheet applications.  This log can be found in SD Card/Application Data/Lucid Dreaming App. The app records aggregate data every minute.  Avalable fields include date, timestamp and the activity count along x, y and z axis. The log also contains user events for each minute.

The app can Autosave it’s data every 10 minutes, this enables the user to plot the graph for previous days. As an added perk, the data is saved in JSON format, allowing you to easily import it into your own applications.

Data logging options. Scientists rejoice!

Blue lines indicate sleep episodes

Sleep statistics allow for a more scientific approach to lucid dreaming