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Known issues

Here’s a list of known issues with the app:

Accelerometer malfunction/ ROM acting up

Update: I’ve traced the issue to garbage collection issue and some sort of a memory leak. I’m not sure what is causing the leak, it may be the Lucid Dreaming App or some other app running in the background. Here’s what’s happening: the virtual machine attempts to collect garbage objects and it takes anywhere from 1 to 4 seconds to complete. This severely lags the app. This process repeats over and over. The activitiy detection method used by the app is not set to work with such delays, hence the spikes on the activity chart.

Accelerometer noise causing unreliable data -restart the phone

I’m using HTC HD2 (a Windows Mobile native) phone for development running SuperRAM Android image V1.7 It is a very stable and very fast image. On at least 4 occasions over the past 30 days I noticed that my accelerometer was spewing out very unreliable data. It would look like the image above. All the large peaks under the triangles (dreams) are valid peaks. But between them is a very noisy data.

A reboot, leaving the phone off for a few seconds in between fixes this issue.

Here’s what a normal graph looks like on my phone:


Regular graph: sleep score and activity is close to 0 for no activity


Digital Clock malfunction

This is a rather serious issue, also caused by memory leaks and garbage collection issues. After a few hours of operation I’ve noticed that the bottom part of the phone (towards the hard buttons) became rather hot. I noticed that the virtual machine attempted to repeatedly collect garbage objects, taking it anywhere from 1 to 4 seconds. This caused delays in displaying clock digits, and prompted the app to show “App froze” dialog at least 4 times. ¬†Advanced task killer displayed 100 Mb as free memory, while normally it is 300 Mb.

The issue with this is that I can dynamically change the color of the clock to Cyan to show you that you are in one of your defined REM periods. But waking up in one of those periods and seeing a different colored clock acting up. This may be misinterpreted as dreaming! Therefore I disclaim all liability associated with such actions.

To avoid the bug, I reboot the phone before going to bed at night

Graphs cutting over to the start

I’ve seen graphs act like this several times during development:

Graph cuts over from the end over to the initial values(beginning)

Upon reaching then end, the data wraps around towards the beginning, creating lines that cut across from right to left. I fixed the main source of this bug. Please tell me if you experienced this since Version 0.6 was introduced.


Empty pie chart

Pie chart will not appear when no restful sleep is detected. It should show as 100% red, but it does not show at all. This is normal and the pie chart will appear when restful sleep is detected

Pie chart may appear empty when no minutes of sleep are present