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Tweak App Sensitivity

The app is based on Actigraphy according to Cole’s sleep scoring algorithm. ┬áIt is based around the number of activity counts in the previous 4 minutes and 2 minutes in the future. As such, the app can only score sleep 2 minutes in the past. The scaling constant described in the algorithm is set by the calibration process. All ambient noise produces sleep score of less than one, even when taken at it’s peak value.

Every high tech app needs an override button

If you find that the app is too sensitive, you may look at your sleep graph and find the approximate activity count when you think you are asleep. Enter this count using the slider in the Menu>Preferences>Sensitivity Tuning>Set Activity Threshold. Then click the Override Cole constant and the app will automatically adjust itself to score all activity below this level as sleep. For example, if I have a noisy sensor which produces an average activity count of 10 when the phone is flat on the bed, I may set the threshold to 30 or 40 to filter out most of this noise.

The app is set to require calibration before first use. This is essential for the accurate use of the Lucid Dreaming App. But as IT movies tell us, each cool application must have an easy override button, so I put it here. Use it at your own risk!