Augmented Reality : Glamour

Augmented Reality : Glamour (AR)

Blending reality with digital image creates the concept of augmented reality – part real, part digital, part imaginary. With the Augmented reality app, you can easily learn to smile like Mona Lisa, yell like a Spartan from hell or just see how you would look with a lot of wrinkles on your face.

[important]Now you can play with Augmented Reality on your iPhone by blending any image from the web with your own liking using your iPhone’s camera and Data connection.[/important]

download the app here:


With Augmented reality you can feel rage without having to kill over 9000 Persians. 

World’s most mysterious smile


Click here to see instructions on how to use Augmented Reality Glamour iPhone app







Fake image, real emotion

Blending my image with the Mona Lisa above felt really good and tranquil. Looking at this augmented reality image later makes me feel good. Imitating the battlecry of a dying spartan required pretty real rage (and opening my mouth really wide). Looking at the image of a spartan arises real anger and excitement

Play with sliders, ambient lightning and head position to create different results

I definitely should start hitting the gym more, while wearing less clothes in general




Troll any face you want

Troll face.  Y U Mad Bro?

Troll Face. Y U Mad?


Find your lookalike

If someone who looks like you can be a movie star… Maybe you have what it takes? Explore and reach for the stars. Maybe you can send them your lookalike picture just for lolz?

Suave and manly

Suave and Manly










… or two lookalikes

Alexander-Gordon-Gregory Stone-Freeman-House. Power suit not included

download the app here:

Keep playing, enjoy the results!

This is me, Alexander Stone.

World’s most mysterious smile

Even with the illusion gone, enjoy the results. Now you know how to smile like a star!









I think I finally learned how to meditate the instant i did this

How can you be more attractive?

I know what image to put on my dating profile 😉

This image looks more like me. Young and attractive.




Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



Sex Appeal.

Explore it.

Can you feel more attractive inside?

I really need some real female models for this app. I think they will have a blast with this. 

I’ve seen this face as a reflection in a mirror in one of my dreams. (After reading the linked study on attractiveness a few days before) Image courtesy of BeautyCheck





download the app here:




Augmented Reality Controls

How Augmented Reality Works: The app superimposes an image from your iPhone’s front or back cameras over to a web browser. The browser may show any image that you like! See live examples of augmented reality in action   To Start the Augmented Reality App: The app opens up with the Augmented reality overlay on …


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