Augmented Reality Controls

How Augmented Reality Works:

The app superimposes an image from your iPhone’s front or back cameras over to a web browser. The browser may show any image that you like!

See live examples of augmented reality in action


To Start the Augmented Reality App:

The app opens up with the Augmented reality overlay on top of the web browser. To interact with the web browser, tap the camera/web button (left on the iPhone/iPod), second from the top on an iPad. The button’s icon changes.

  • When camera is shown, you can use the button to switch to the camera mode.
  • When the globe is shown, you use the button to switch to the web browser mode.

When in the camera mode, you can resize the augmented reality overlay.

When in the web browser mode, you can pick the image from the web.

Starting the camera feed.

When the app is started, the camera image will appear in place of an orange rectangle.

When the camera is running, your web browsing may be slowed down. This is why you can start/stop the camera feed with the play/pause button. The camera image can be either on top or below the web view. When the camera image is below the web view, you may not see it, unless you change the transparency setting.

You can switch between the front facing and the rear  facing camera using the swap camera button

Adjusting the image:

You can use gestures like pinch (2 fingers on the screen, moving closer or further away)  to adjust the size of the augmented reality overlay. Touch and drag the overlay to position it anywhere on the screen.

  • Start by reducing the size of your face to the size of the celebrity’s face.
  • Align eyes, nose and mouth horizontally.
  • Adjust eye width.
  • Drag the live augmented reality overlay over the the celebrity’s face
  • Act like a celebrity
  • Play with the bottom slider to blend in and out of the image
  • Play with the top slider to adjust background color, changing your skin tone
  • Adjust your position in relation to a light source to change the illumination of your face


Changing transparency

The app lets you change the transparency of either the camera overlay or the web view.

When the camera image is on top (it can be dragged, resized, rotated, etc), the transparency slider changes the transparency of the camera image.

When the web view is on top (you can interact with the search engine controls), the transparency slider changes the transparency of the web view.

By switching between modes, you can have partial transparency for both the camera image and the web view.

Selecting a background image for pictures

To pick a background image for the augmented reality photo, use the search engine’s image search function:

  • In Google, tap on the second tab on top that says “images“. Type the name of a celebrity that you want
  • In Bing, tap the “images” word under the search box, then type the name of a celebrity.
  • In Yahoo, type the name of the celebirty, then scroll down to pictures.

When in the web browser mode, use the white arrow pointing left to return to the previous page.

When in the web browser mode, use the white globe button to return to your search engine home page.

You can change the default search engine by tapping the “gear” white button

Taking Pictures.

The app can take a screenshot of what you see on the screen with the button #2 (AR Photo). This captures everything that you see on the screen.

The app can take a normal camera picture using the #1 photo button. This captures a regular camera image without transparency.

Sharing your pictures

The photos that you take with the augmented reality app are stored to your Camera roll, accessible with your iPhone /iPod/iPad camera app. You can disable this in preferences (white gear button).

To share a photo by email, enter your email address in the preferences and turn email sharing to “on”. Now every picture that you take can be emailed to yourself.

To post an image to your facebook mobile uploads:

  • Go to your facebook, enable or find your “mobile uploads” email.
  • Write down the email
  • Type the email into the preferences
  • Enable “sharing by email” in preferences
  • Now when you take a picture, an email window appears.
  • Type the photo’s title in the subject line
  • When you send an image, it will be uploaded to your facebook account.


All controls:

  • Tap the left bottom button to switch between the camera feed and the browser.
  • Use Google image search to search for a celebrity you want to augment yourself with
  • Tap the right bottom button to start live camera feed
  • Tap the swap button on the bottom to switch cameras
  • Use gestures to align and resize the live feed image
  • Place the live feed over the face of the celebrity
  • Use top slider to make your face transparent to blend into the image
  • Use bottom slider to adjust background color or slide it to the left to remove background color
  • You can adjust the transparency of either a web view or the camera feed
  • The button with number 1 saves only your image to your camera roll
  • The button with number 2 saves everything you see on the screen to your camera roll
  • When using Google image search, use top arrows to navigate in and out of the full size image
  • Tap the bottom left button to stop live feed and return the tab bar

Additional web browser controls:

  • The world icon brings you to a search engine
  • The question mark brings you to this page
  • The blue and white f button opens a facebook page for this app
  • The gear icon brings up app options

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