Nov 16

Better Mood Tracker released

Better Mood Tracker released!

I just wanted to let you know that my latest app – Better Mood Tracker has been released, and is available in the iPhone app store for free!

You can download Better Mood Tracker here

What’s in the app:

Better Mood Tracker is an app focused around recording moods

  • Sleep tracking from the Singularity Experience app (for free)
  • Event tracking over the course of the day (from 5-in-1 Journal)
  • Reminders over the course of the day
  • Life history – day by day, hour by hour
  • My day – biological clock with weather
  • And much more!

I built this app for people with mood disorders (I’m suffering from one too), but the app can be used as a general life tracker too. For example, you can track when you eat, what you see and check how this impacts your dreaming. I think this would be very useful if you take supplements for dreaming too!

Please check out hte app and tell me what you think!