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What can I track with Better Mood Tracker?

What can I track with better mood tracker?

A better question would be what can’t you track 🙂 This article helps you get your creativity flowing and design your own experiments.

Let’s start with food and exercise, these things are easy to track and show a pretty good picture of your wellbeing:

The body: food, exercise (Part 1 of the tutorial)

Tracking sleep is something that you should be aware of. Sleep has far-reaching implications to health and cognition:

Tracking sleep and things that affect it (part 2 of the tutorial)

Additionally, you can better understand your emotions, thoughts and even train your brain to see the world differently:

Tracking emotions and mental states (part 3 of the tutorial)

If you are managing your condition with medications, use supplements or just like to party, check out this article:

Better Mood Tracker for medications, side effects and drugs(part 4)

Bad stuff happens, bad thoughts visit us, but some of us are more suceptible to them than others:

Tracking Bad Stuff, thoughts and events