Aug 07

Development efforts are back on track!

After 6 months of having to work to earn a living, I’ve saved a little bit of money, enough to be able to stay as an independent developer for the next 6-10 months. During that time I intend to continue working on the lucid dreaming app and related projects.

Here’s the list of upcoming fixes, features and projects:

Singularity Experience: the lucid dreaming app for iPhone

  • Will Receive a 24 hour graph, similar to5 in 1 journal app for iPhone. ¬†This would help tracking times of going to bed, as well as times of awakening (to more accurately predict when most of your REM episodes are happening).
  • Will allow¬†tracking of additional events over the course of the day: caffeine, supplements (vitaminB6), alcohol, and food. I have observed that such things have impact on sleep, and having a long history of tracking such events may help quantify their impact.
  • The algorithm of REM detection will be improved based on 6 months of observations.
  • I will fix various bugs that I’ve observed with the app.
  • I will add Dropbox sync to backup dreams logged in the app. Once I’ve uninstalled the app by accident and lost 3 months of valuable data. With dropbox sync, it is possible to store dream files on the cloud and restore them to any copy of the lucid dreaming app!
  • Potentially a smart alarm feature. It is already in the app, but has not been tested extensively or made publicly available.


Additional apps I have planned:

Music Therapy App for iPhone.

The impact of audio on the person’s awareness and brain is much more complicated than I’ve anticipated. Music therapy app combines parts of the lucid dreaming app to help the person undergoing music therapy to keep track of their sessions, while the app monitors their activity pattern over the course of the session. From my observation of sleep patterns over the course of the last year, it appears to me that the state of the brain and the gross motor activity pattern are related.

I expect that by publishing the free music therapy app, it would act as a conversation starter between myself and any musician/music therapist that I may meet. Maybe someone out there already has perfected the art of influencing the brain with audio?


Non-lucid dreaming sleep tracker.

Singularity Experience works great as a sleep tracker, it calculates sleep onset latency, shows a graph of sleep cycles and allows events over the course of the night to be recorded. I’ve observed over 8 months of data logged with the app, and think it would be a valuable tool for tracking various forms of sleep disorders.