May 16

Dream Incubation aid preview

Dream Incubation Aid

Contrary to the popular belief, I do not sit and program the lucid dreaming app 24/7. Sometimes I do get outside 🙂


A local park used as an incubation target or dream reentry point

During my recent trip to a local botanical garden, I decided to practice awareness and noticed an ever-present, overwhelming, multi tonal bird song that was coming from all around. There was not place in the park that was quiet. Birds (happy birds) were everywhere. Looking at the subdued colors on a cloudy days, seeing the scenery through crystal clear air and being aware of the bird song, I decided that the spot where I was at may be a perfect dream reentry point, cued by the bird song

And so I captured a short audio of the birds, it is only 1 minute long:

park birdsong reminder 1 minute

Here’s my plan:

  • I remember the scene because I’ve been there  and paid a lot of attention to the surroundings
  • I took a picture of the reentry spot and established a couple focus points used to re-visualize the scene for the dream reentry (the curved roads and stakes along the right road)
  • The audio cue – the bird song is used as a cue to add realism to the scene
  • Affirmations are used to remember the cue (“When I will hear bird song, I will become aware”)

I would like to introduce a similar feature to the app  – the ability to use pictures and sound (not video) to induce dreams of real places by combining dream incubation techniques using the image and audio cues.


Using bird song as a reminder – early results

Up until now, all of my reminders have been voice or vibrate. Bird song is profoundly different. I did not hear it during the first night, even though it played 6 times. On the latest night, I was having an episode of insomnia, and was engrossed in thought when a reminder started playing. It was a very different experience. For the love of everything, I could not distinguish when the bird song playback started, it is so subtle! It perfectly blended in to the background! I could not tell if it was really coming from outside the window or from the phone until half way through, when a very certain melody was heard.

The interesting thing is that this process of distinguishing between what is real and what is a reminder stopped my train of thought. It was very subtle, yet effective.