Get Hardware

Singularity Experience is really an app to be excited about. Even in it’s current rudimentary state, it will give lucid dreaming masks a run for their money, and extra features,

  • like the biological clock or
  • sleep history
  • detailed sleep metrics

turn your iOS device into a mini-sleep lab that fits in any pocket !

I own 2 iOS devices: an iPhone 4G 16 Gb andiPod Touch 8Gb (from Amazon). While I love my iPhone, I have to pay 86$ a month to have it as my phone. That is really really expensive.

A cheaper alternative is an iPod 4GS, here’s a link to the device that I’m using in my testing and development:

If you are looking for a wall charger, this is an excellent choice: iPhone4 wall charger with dock connector on Amazon

Protect your investment.
If you ever plan to re-sell your iPod, having a scratch-free screen would help you get more money for it. A 99c investment here would pay off in the future. The screen protectors are also absolutely necessary for the use of the app with the wristband mode and other future uses(not disclosed yet)

[important]It would really help me as a developer, if you decide to make your iPod purchase through Amazon. I’m getting 4-7% commission on each sale, which is more than I get for each app sale in the App store.[/important]


If you consider buying a Zeo headband for use with the lucid dreaming app, please consider using the link below. I collect affiliate marketing revenue for sales made through

If the lucid dreaming app is too technical for you, you can opt out of other forms of sleep and activity tracking, such as Jawbone activity tracker