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Bike Suspension Tuner

Using the Bike Suspension Tuner

  • Reset Tuner from menu
  • [Optional] Start screen recording from device control center
    • Countdown will begin, red bar will appear at the top of the screen
  • Position the device on bike seat
    • Middle of the seat
    • Camera towards handlebar 
    • Screen facing up
  • Sit on the seat to pin the device with your body
    • First time users – may try tape or cargo net to secure the device
    • Sit normally
    • Device should not bounce
  • Ride a test loop
    • 7-10 minutes long
    • Paved roads
    • Ride at normal speed range
  • [Optional] Stop the screen recording
    • Tap on the red bar on top
    • Choose “Stop recording”
  • Take a screenshot of the screen
    • Hold power and volume down buttons together briefly 


Interpreting Shock Data


Example Interpretation

Examples of Use