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My Heart Chart iPhone App

Heart Chart App

My Heart Chart is a simple app that helps you explore your heart health. Every day your Apple Watch collects

Displays history of heart rate collected by Apple watch

hundreds of measurements of your pulse. Heart Chart app analyzes these measurements and plots them in a comprehensive history, capable of displaying 100 days of data on a single screen.


* The data is arranged with each row representing a day
* Each day starts at “Bedtime” – typically the late evening of the previous day
* Each column represents 30 minutes of measurements
* All days are aligned
* Your actual bedtime, as recorded by the phone or the watch is marked by a small white bar in one of the rectangles
* Your wake up time is marked by another white bar
* Together the bars separate your night from your day


* Nights is when your heart rests, and you should see low measurements – green is good, light green is best
* A lot of light green at night means restful, deep sleep
* A lot of yellow means disturbed sleep


* Typical daily heart rate would fluctuate between 60 and 120
* This is not an app for athletes, it does not display heart rate training zones!
* A lot of red on the “stress” chart indicates a stressful week
* A lot of green and yellow indicates more relaxed week