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Love Sex Dating Calculator – Evolutionary Psychology App

love-sex-dating-calculatorWhat is Love Sex Dating Calculator?

Relationships. They are difficult, complicated, rewarding and sometimes befuddling. Something always seems to be just out of reach. Once this something is achieved, you think that the happily ever after will finally arrive.

Well, I have a good thing and a bad thing to tell you. I’ll start with the bad one.

Your brain is built according to a blueprint from your DNA. And it comes with a lot of programming suitable for stone age. You know, African savannah, running around in a loincloth, singing around campfire in a tribe of 60 people. That was about 100,000 years ago, and our brains did not have time to adapt to the modern environment. That’s a very bad thing – deep down we simply cannot comprehend such basic modern concepts  as:

  1. The Rule of Law – we still think we and our partners will have to physically defend ourselves and our assets
  2. Contraception – female brains in particular still have defenses against accidental pregnancy. Male brains still have drive by mating programs.
  3. Social disconnection – you are just a face in the crowd in a modern city. People won’t remember what you did, in stark contrast to the stone age tribe where you lived or died by your reputation
  4. Photography, movies and porn – we still strongly respond to visual cues, even if we know they are not real.

The list can go on, and it means that in each one of these domains we have inherited a set of default behavior which is maladaptive to the modern life. Here comes the good thing:

The good thing is once you understand that you have default programming in your brain, something coded directly in your DNA, you can see this genetic behavior for what it is and make better choices. Here comes the Love, Sex, Dating Calculator app.

The principle behind the app

Ever thought why people you like rarely like you back? Like that super special person you love-sex-dating-calculator-gaugehave a crush on rarely seems to even notice you? While you find that super dorky nerd who seems to always be around repulsive?

Think on these no further, for I’m about to tell you why 🙂 You have a special neural circuit deep down inside your brain that helps you analyze and quantify the people you meet. In particular, this circuit is concerned with genetic fitness of the individual. Here the idea of beauty comes in – beauty has coevolved over the generations and manifests in individuals with good genetics. Thus you feel more attracted to beautiful people for reasons of their good genes.

Your own genetic computing neural networks have determined that mating with these beautiful individuals is likely to produce fit and successful children, who will be beautiful and would have easier time finding mates.

Compare this to mating with that nerdy dork with a huge wart on his nose – your brain is repulsed by his appearance, because in principle your children would be just as unattractive, causing them to have harder time finding mates and having successful offspring of their own.

And it might take an equal amount of investment to raise children from these two potential partners, thus your biology is primed to bet on mating with attractive people. Here things get more complicated, because humans are a special species with “dual mating dynamic” – a male can either have casual sex and leave a woman a single mother, or he can invest in his offspring – feed, teach and protect them. While many people have rudimentary understanding of the concept, many are confused why the partner does not show behavior consistent with one of these mating dynamics.

The Love Sex Dating Calculator helps you understand the principles behind this attraction dynamics and explains the kinds of relationships which arise from different attractiveness of partners.


How to use the app?

When you start the app, you are greeted with a scale with two dials – male on top and female on the bottom. Each dial has an arrow pointing to a 1-10 number. This is the attractiveness of potential partners.

To use the app you need to do some self-introspection and determine your own attractiveness value, then enter it on appropriate dial. I know, it’s scary ! I wrote the app, and I’m still not fully comfortable with the concept. But this does not change the fact that your brain subconsciously does this for every potential mate that you meet. Hundreds of people rate you each day, in their heads and make decisions based on this number.

It’s better that you know the number, right?

To help you assess your own number, I have provided a guide for both male and female attractiveness, available by tapping on the male or female emoji in the center of each dial. Read the descriptions and match them to your own experience to pick a rough estimate of your attractiveness. Then you can ask your friends to rate you, or post your picture to reddit/r/rateme to get another opinion.


The 1-10 scale

Humans operate on Feelings, and the 1-10 scale of attractiveness may seem like a joke, 1-10 attractbut scientific experiments have confirmed that people are capable of accurately and consistently rating other people. Some studies found 94% correlation between male ratings of females. In other words, if a person is objectively a 7 (attractive), most people would rate that person as a 7, few would rate as 6 or 8, but noone would rate this person as a 4.

Below is a rough description of the 1-10 scale


  1. Not polite to discuss
  2. Not polite to discuss
  3. Strong feeling of repulsion
  4. Mild feeling of repulsion – something feels wrong with this person’s face
  5. Average – no feeling either way
  6. Mild feeling of attraction – the person is cute
  7. Strong feeling of attraction – person is attractive
  8. Very strong feeling of attraction – the person is beautiful
  9. Overwhelming feeling of attraction, person is stunning
  10. Most people would never meet a 10, overwhelming feeling of attraction on all levels


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