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Singularity Experience Updates

Version 1.3:

  • +New research tool: sleep duration, bedtime, rise time, sleep onset time animation. Tap on any history row. Tap the center sun button. The app will animate your bedtimes, rise times, and sleep duration from that night until the present night.
  • +Daytime reality check notifications: these are played when the app is not visible. Create them to remind your to do reality checks when you are most awake. To schedule a reality check notification, open the config panel on the singularity screen and tap the new reminder button, so it turns green.
  • +Increased the maximum reminder duration from 60 seconds to 60 minutes, so you can try longer reminders (like audio books or hypnosis sessions ) at night. From 0 to 60 seconds, the reminder duration increment is 1 second, from 60 sec to 3 min it is 15 sec, and from 3 min to 60 min it is 60 seconds.
  • +Added an option to show labels for buttons on singularity screen. Added sleep cycles to in-app help.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple reminders played in the same sleep cycle at night


Version 1.2 Preview:

  • +Improved sleep graph – shows sleep cycles, color coded dream probability
  • +Improved dream markers – instantly see clear and long dreams in history and dreams list
  • +Dreamsign search – to search for dream signs – both the dreams list and history display search results!
  • -Reduced the number of reminders played by the app to 1 per sleep cycle.
  • +Improved calibration stability
  • +Bug fixes, crash fixes