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Singularity Experience

Singularity Experience : The Lucid Dreaming App

From the creator of the original Lucid Dreaming App, comes an update that may change your life.

Singularity Experience is an app that turns ordinary dreams into conscious ones. Become aware in a dream, and it transforms into a virtual reality like experience, where you have superpowers and your brain has an unparalleled ability to experience pleasure. Any experience that you can think of may be yours, for free, once you have the ability to consistently experience lucid dreams. In lucid dreams you can think differently, act differently and experience life detached from the waking world.

Best Lucid Dreaming technique… with electronic assistance!

Beginner mode lets you try dream reentry in 4 simple steps!

Lucid Dreaming is fun, and singularity is the fastest way to master Lucid Dreaming using a highly praised technique: re-entering dreams consciously. You wake up, stay still in bed and fall back into a dream consciously. Easy to understand, difficult to perform without an outside aid.

Enter Singularity Experience. It is an external aid for dream re-entry. The app’s secret is its ability to accurately monitor your sleep and make intelligent predictions of when you are dreaming. When dreaming is detected, an external audio, vibration and a light cue is played to arise your awareness just to the point where you can fall back to sleep consciously.

Created by a lucid dreamer, the app is packed with tools to improve your sleep and take your lucid dreaming to the next level, guaranteed. The stylish, hypnotic interface speaks directly to your unconscious, using the language of ratios and geometry, helping you learn lucid dreaming faster.




What’s inside the App.

Singularity Experience: The Lucid Dreaming App has been used for sleep analysis and research since day 1, and offers you many of the sleep research tools that I used to build the application. The app monitors sleep using 2 sensors at the same time: accelerometer and a gyroscope, resulting in a more accurate sleep detection than by using accelerometer alone.  The app comes with a special wristband mode, which takes iPhone based dream analysis to the next level. This is the most accurate sleep assessment available in an iPhone app up to date.

The app collects a lot of data and makes some of it available to you – you get  4 data visualization modes:

Sleep History shows dreaming over multiple days, Sleep Cycle graph shows sleep phases for each night the app was used.

  • Sleep history that helps you see how your sleep/wake patterns change over time
  • Sleep cycle graph for sleep depth and dreaming analysis
  • Astro-biological view to align your dreams with circadian rhythm
  • Dream journal entries are displayed on all graphs and are linked to the dream details

Singularity Experience has a number of features to help you with lucid dream induction:

  • Lucid Dreaming reminders that include audio, vibration and light reminder, customizable with duration and intensity. This is the most comprehensive lucid dreaming reminder system that is available on a mobile device.
  • Customizable audio reminders let you pick any audio from your device or use built-in audio
  • Light reminders may flash at night to awaken your brain prior to audio reminder
  • Vibration reminders are felt when device is worn on your wrist.
  • Customizable reminder delivery – use one of the presets or assign a custom reminder for each sleep cycle.
  • Super-easy to adjust when remidners are played – just rotate the dial.


Wristband mode

If you are familiar with the Generation 1 iPhone sleep apps, you will notice that most of them work by being placed on a mattress, face down with the power plugged in. Well, no more! iPhone 4 has enough battery life to allow you to run the app overnight, with the phone strapped to your non-dominant wrist. This produces medical-grade sleep  analysis, which is really great for detecting light sleep stages that predict REM onset.

Data collected through the mattress is subject to significant variations from night to night, while wrist mounted device consinstently predicts 90 minute sleep cycle variations.

Sleep data collected from a mattress. Sleep cycles are less evident.

Wrist mounted device sleep graph. 90 minute sleep cycles are visible, dreams reported (round markers) prove that REM was detected accurately.

Compare the 2 graphs. The one on the left is a mattress placed device. It is good enough to detect sleep cycles, although they are less pronounced. The blue line indicates where the app would be delivering a reminder. As you can see, it cannot identify the early morning sleep cycles.

The right graph shows wrist mounted data. there are more intensely pronounced peaks and valleys, with blue lines showing that the app delivered reminder before dream awakening (green markers).

This kind of accuracy is really valuable for delivering reminders when you are dreaming!



Astro-Biological Clock.

Astro-biological clock helps you see how your sleep cycle pattern aligns with the day/night cycle and also lets you schedule reminders during specific sleep cycles

Using 21st century technology, the app introduces a brand new gadget – a GPS based astro-biological clock. With the help of the biological clock, you may estimate your body’s circadian rhythm and find optimal bed and rise times at a glance! Sleep in tune with your sleep cycle and experience quicker sleep onset, clearer dreams and easier awakenings.

It works like this – the release of Melatonin, a sleep promoting hormone in your body is tied to the sunset. By calculating the local sunset time, the app can predict the optimal sleep cycle times, which would truly align with the way your body wants to sleep and wake.

Pick one of the white lines on the graphs as your sleep time, and experience and improvement in your sleep quality, more consistent dreaming and easier awakening in the morning. As an added benefit, sleeping in alignment with the biological clock lets you assign lucid dreaming reminders to specific sleep cycles of your choice.







The world’s most visual mobile dream journal.

Singularity includes an excellent dream journal – less typing, more action: simply tap screen at night

Dream journal has a list of all your dreams and helps you quickly pick out the most interesting dreams by their color. By searching dream history, you can see how frequently you see a certain dream sign

to mark your dream, and the app will automatically create a dream journal entry for you – see when your dreams took place. You can come back to the dream at a later point and complete the entry.

It’s simple and visual – green entry for a dream, blue entry for a lucid dream. The color of the marker becomes more clear for a clearer, more detailed dream. The color changes if you report dream control, answering the question “was that a lucid dream?”

Creating a dream journal entry is worth it, because you get to see your dreams presented in 3 different visual modes, for unprecedented understanding of your dreaming. By looking at a sleep history, your brain would be able to identify patterns that would’ve never appeared to you by using a paper dream journal or simply typing up your dreams on a computer:

  • You can see  sleep cycles by looking at clusters of dreams at certain times
  • By looking at the color of dream markers, clearest dream times become visible
  • By seeing when you reported dreams at night, patterns of nightly awakening become visible.
  • By seeing your sleep onset times, you can easily identify insomnias and see how your choice of bedtime affects your falling asleep time.
  • The awakening time history shows your total sleep times, thus your overall need for sleep.




Sleep History – a tool unlike any other

Sleep history visually summarizes your dreams from multiple days and lets you navigate to dream journal or night entries. This history can be filtered to show only dreams with dreamsigns

Sleep history lets you jump to any dream in your journal and visually plots dreams as they occured. By analyzing the history vertically, you can see when your dreams take place most frequently. With this information,  you can schedule your lucid dreaming practice at that time.

Every single day you use the app and report dreams, you include more and more information in the sleep history. You can scroll up and down to see your sleep pattern in 9 day window, letting you see how your dreaming this week compares to your dreaming last week.

Looking for patterns? Search for a dreamsign, and the sleep history will show only the dreams that include that word.

Working on dream recall? The markers are dark for low clarity dreams and brighter for more detailed dreams. See how your dreams get more numerous and clearer over time and build confidence in your ability to recall dreams!





Sleep Cycle Graph, evolved

Sleep Cycle graph not only shows your sleep pattern, but also predicts when you will report the brightest dreams. This graph also shows your dreams reported from that night, letting you see which sleep stage you dream in the most vividly. The graph above shows 5 sleep cycles with dreams reported during 4/5 cycles. Sleep cycle approximate times are shown.

You may be  familiar with boring, unimaginative sleep cycle graphs from the generation 1 sleep and dreaming apps. Not only are they confusing, but there’s were no real way to prove if sleep graphs are correct.

With Singularity Experience, your sleep graph includes the dreams that you reported in that night, letting you instantly determine if the sleep graph is accurate or not! If you dream when the app says you will, the app is working correctly!

Using color – coding for dreams and sleep stages takes advantage of your inherent ability to see visual patterns in complex data, simplifying dream analysis.







Built – in Help

Built-in help provides on-screen instructions for every aspect of the app

Do not let the novelty of lucid dreaming intimidate you, this version of the Lucid Dreaming App includes helpful documentation and onscreen tutorials to describe every single aspect of the app.

A comprehensive built- in user manual explains essential functions and several online instruction videos walk you accomplishing common tasks with the app, like picking optimal bedtimes, configuring reminders or deciding which audio track to use.

The app itself is fairly forgiving, you may use as much of it or as little of it as you want.








Sleep quality analysis. 

Sleep charts are available for every day the app has been running. They summarize vital statistics about your sleep, such as sleep quality, sleep onset latency and also show you when you reported dreaming.

We all like to sleep deeply and comfortably. But how do you estimate the quality of sleep? Or how do you see what makes you sleep better or worse? The answer is: sleep tracking!

With sleep tracking, the body’s movement over the course of the night is analyzed and is scored as either sleep or wake. By comparing the amount of time spent in deeper sleep to the amount of time spent in lighter sleep, a sleep scoring metric is produced. The sleep score metric lets you compare your sleep quality on multiple days.

Singularity uses scientifically proven sleep scoring algorithms with up to 87% accuracy of distinguishing sleep from wakefulness. Find the best times of going to bed and waking up, and learn how food and supplements affect the quality of your sleep. Do they make you toss and turn for half the night or sleep like a baby?

To help you understand your sleep in more detail, the sleep quality score is augmented by showing you how your chosen sleep time aligns with the local sunrise/sunset, and as a result how much natural and artificial light you are likely to receive in a total day. Additionally, your dreams are presented in an easy to understand, color coded manner.

Finally there’s a way to objectively compare the sleep of one person to the next: simply compare 2 sleep chart screenshots, which show:

  • sleep quality
  • number of dreams
  • sleep onset time
  • position of dreams over night
  • How your sleep aligns with the local day/night cycle


Hypnotic lucid dream induction.

Read this script out loud to hypnotize yourself

The app includes a great self hypnosis script to help you learn the dream re-entry technique. Spoken in your own voice before bedtime, the script helps your prepare your mind for lucid dreaming and gently sinks the suggestion in your mind, while you are reading the script.

Self hypnosis works best when you do not feel it working, with this hypnosis script, you remind yourself to become spontaneously aware in a dream when you hear the reminder. This is far more effective than hearing the reminder alone, which may integrated into the dream in seemingly unpredictable ways.









Amazing value product for amazing price

Singularity experience is a second generation sleep and dreaming app. It gives you sleep research and analysis tools that cost hundreds of dollars just a few years ago.

It costs 5 US Dollars

For less than the price of a gallon of apple juice or driving 35 miles on a highway, Singularity Experience offers a highly customizable, modern, stylish and accurate lucid dreaming app which is designed to help you dream consciously.





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