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Imagine the ability to fly, teleport, use “the force”, mind control people around you…. Imagine the power to walk through walls, levitate and use telekinesis on the objects around you. Up until now such power has been the domain of videogames and high budget movies. I’m here to tell you that you can experience this incredible power yourself. To say that it feels amazing is an understatement, as it is one of the most fun things you can experience in life.

In your dreams, there are no rules, anything is possible! You can experience true freedom within an environment, which is practically indistinguishable from the real world. I’m not talking about those dim early morning dream-wake transitions. I’m talking about full blown “Matrix” or “Inception” like experience where the dreamer exists within a dream, completely aware of this fact.

Acting within the dream state while being fully conscious of the fact that you are dreaming, and having free will to act as you wish is called “Lucid Dreaming“.

[warning]What I’m offering is an entirely new kind of entertainment, a virtual reality like experience which is extremely exciting, costs almost nothing and takes no time from your waking life.[/warning]

Are you interested?

Then let’s begin! Let me show you how you can become lucid with an electronic aid without months of training!

The sleep science

A little bit of background that may help you understand the subsequent parts: There’s quite a lot that we still do not understand about sleep, there’s very little research into dreams in general, as most of the clinical work focuses on helping people with sleep disorders. Apart from Stephen LaBerge, who has scientifically proven that lucid dreaming is real, I don’t know of many other dream and lucid dream researchers.

What is known about sleep is that we go through a series of “sleep cycles“, each one lasting 90-110 minutes each night. Within each sleep cycle, there are 4 distinct sleep stages. The final sleep stage is rapid eye movement sleep, or REM. Most dreaming that is remembered happens in REM sleep.

[warning]Sleep cycles produce a set of recognizable patterns of activity, because all human activity is controlled by the nervous system.[/warning]

In the image below, the REM sleep would be happening at around 90 minute intervals, when the blue line and the red line align

The blue line is the perfect sleep cycle, 90 minutes long. The red line is the intensity of body movements throughout the night.

Overall, the human body transitions from the state of high awareness at the start of the night through a series of diminishing awareness and dreaming.

iPhone as a new kind of sleep research tool

The iPhone or iPod touch 4GS  that you already have is one of the most advanced pieces of consumer electronics in the world. It is packed with sensors and technology to do a lot of amazing things. One of them is to analyze sleep. iPhone has an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which measure the phone’s displacement and orientation in space. Together, these 2 sensors may be used to conduct an Actigraphic assessment of the sleep at night. In short, they can analyze the user’s motion in bed over the course of the night.

[warning]I’ve written an iPhone app to analyze the user’s movement throughout the night and detect when the user is most likely dreaming. The app turns the iPhone into a kind of a “wrist console” which helps you detect when you are dreaming. It finally works!:[/warning]

Alpha prototype of the iPhone wrist console within a custom wristband. Help me get this to production!

This chart shows 2 lucid dreams that I had along with the result of running the detection algorithm 6 for the set of data. The detection algorithm would've produced the reminder while I was dreaming


Why knowing when you are dreaming is important

It has been demonstrated by lucid dreamers and sleep researchers that external stimuli, such as light, sound or touch may get integrated into the dream’s content rather than waking up the user immediately. If you have seen popular movies, like Matrix, Waking life or Inception, you would have a little bit of insight into what’s happening within the dream. In the Matrix, Neo is re-animated by words of love of Trinity. Within the Inception, the dream within the dream is shaken by the events of the outside dream.

[warning]Because your iPhone has amazing multimedia capabilities, detecting when you are dreaming, allows the phone to automatically play a combination of light, sound and vibration that will get integrated into the content of your dream.[/warning]

Consider the image below. With the iPhone within a custom wristband, I was able to detect activity patterns that spike 8-13 minutes before the awakening from a dream. This gives me enough time to deliver a reminder or a series of reminders that will get integrated into the content of the dream!

Device's certainty algorithm delivers reminders in different dreaming phases. Even for a pro-dreamer it is impossible to recall details when woken from a dream in certain sleep stages. The recall disappears instantly

That’s right! Play your favorite tune softly in REM sleep, and you may hear it in your dreams. Have light flashed before your eyes, and you may see lightning, traffic lights, explosions or other light effects within the dream. This concept has been scientifically investigated, resulting in devices like the NovaDreamer and the REMDreamer. What I’m doing with an iPhone is to give the user the same kind of functionality, at a fraction of the cost of these upscale devices.

Over the years, there has been a huge demand from the lucid dreaming community for a soft, subtle, self-disabling alarm, which would be integrated into the content of the dream and turn off by itself. Well, my app is such alarm on some serious steroids, because you don’t even have to set the alarm,
it knows when to play itself!

Here’s how it works:

GUI prototype

You calibrate your phone for 1 minute.  Next, you set a few reminders for your sleep cycles #3,4,5 and 6. You combine light, audio and vibration reminders together, or use built-in ones.

  • You reduce the brightness of your phone to the minimum and put it in airplane mode.
  • You secure the phone against your wrist with a custom wristband on your non-dominant arm.
  • You hit the play button and the app starts sleep monitoring.
  • Your body goes through a predictable set of changes overnight.
  • The iPhone detects these changes, as indicated by the body movements
  • The iPhone plays a reminder that you have selected.
  • The reminder gets integrated into the content of your dream
  • You recognize the reminder
  • You perform a reality check to confirm the dreaming state
  • You have an adventure of your choice 🙂
  • The phone wakes you up in the morning with a smart alarm, when you are most ready to wake up!
  • In the morning, you re-charge your phone over 1 hour.

[warning]With minimum practice, you would be able to recognize a certain tune as a dream sign, which appears within your dreams.[/warning]

There are 3 major kind of reality checks that you can perform, which result in a dream-induced lucid dream:

  • Digital clocks do not work in dreams if re-checked
  • Light switches do not work in dreams
  • Text changes if re-read in dreams

All of these reality checks have been discovered and confirmed by thousands of dreamers around the world. Now there’s finally a device that puts everything that we know about lucid dreaming into one, affordable and low cost induction device, that may change your life!

But wouldn’t it wake me up?

What if the reminder simply wakes you up from a dream, wouldn’t that be bad?

No, because the body tries to preserve the continuity of sleep. All the same neurotransmitters are in the same places.

This is why, along with dozens of other people, I’ve discovered the most effective lucid dreaming technique known to man. It is known under many names, including DEILD and Dream Reentry. The technique focuses on waking up while in REM sleep and going back to the dream immediately. This is done by keeping the last scene of a faded dream in mind, until the scene re-envelops the dreamer.

[warning]The process takes about 1-2 minutes when performed in the middle of REM. A new dream takes off roughly where the previous dream ended and is experienced at a high level of lucidity.[/warning]

Here’s the kicker: each faded lucid dream meets the requirement of the dream reentry. I was able to “chain” 3-5 lucid dream episodes together over the course of a single REM period. This allowed me to lucid dream “on demand” or at will, as each lucid dream multiplied into a few segments.

[warning]The lucid dreaming app would give you the power to momentarily wake yourself from a dream to reenter it as a lucid dream[/warning]

Electronically Assisted lucid dreaming!

This is it. Using the iPhone 4 or an iPod 4GS within a custom armband using the app that I have written, you would be able to have a mini sleep lab on your wrist. You won’t have to pay 3000$ for a single night of sleep study, 500$ for an actigraph, 300-500$ for a NovaDreamer or REM Dreamer like device

All it takes is the cost of the app (<5$) and a custom wristband (~20$).

For the price of less than a gallon of gas and a mediocre videogame, or a single novelty item from Wal-Mart, you would be able to own an app that can help you experience your dreams lucidly, have the power which Neo, Luke Skywalker and Gandalf could not even dream of 🙂

The experience

Part of the buzz around the lucid dreaming over the years has been because of all the amazing experiences and powers that could be felt by the mind. Because there’s no “laws” of physics in the dream world, anything can happen. There are no laws or social conventions, no obligations, and you know that the experience will end in several minutes. This creates a feeling of true freedom. Part of this anything is that magic, force and other things you may recognize from sci-fi movies is possible.

Some of these feelings and experiences have no real world equivalents. For example, holding a person’s hand in a lucid dream may feel ecstatic, beyond words good. Food may taste like heaven. Music is amazing. Solid matter may be interacted with as force. You may talk to your old friends, discuss philosophy with your double or have any kind of romantic encounter imaginable. The clarity of these experiences ranges from dull and dark to full blown, “epic” hyper-reality.

You may chuckle at some of these, but here’s a list of actual powers that I’ve experienced in my lucid dreams and they feel natural. They feel beyond words good. Unlike anything that I’ve felt in the real world.

  • Force” powers: flight, telekinesis, levitation, force jumps, attraction flying
  • Psychic powers: mind control, psychic invisibility, thought reading, possession, mind transfer
  • Conjuration: summoning people, objects
  • Location powers: teleportation, moving through objects, shaping the landscape
  • Mental experiences: serenity, fearlessness, clarivoyance, freedom, happiness.

There’s no flashy magic in my dreams. I cannot throw fireballs or shot lasers out of my eyes. Guns barely work, and a lot of the experience is mental or kinetic.

The experience of these powers changes consciousness. Think of Neo when he realizes what the Matrix is. It is difficult to convey this experience in words. It has to be experienced.

Why you need the armband.

One of the obstacles to using the Lucid Dreaming app is the need for the custom armband. There are apps out there that monitor sleep from the mattress. I’ve written the leading lucid dreaming app for Android and has been looking at the sleep graphs that it produces for days. The resolution is simply not there!

Actigraphy results of mattress studies are fine for very rough sleep/wake identification. Algorithms for that existed for over 20 years. But they won’t pick up the fine twitches of the fingers or a large breath that may accompany sleep onset.

[important]The armband allows for very accurate activity monitoring, enough to run the detection algorithms that I have created. Data collected from the mattress simply won’t be accurate enough.[/important]

Maybe if I combine all 6 algorithms together, I would be able to produce a certain % of success for the mattress users, but it will never quite reach the success rates that I expect from the wristband!

The wristband is a comfortable, soft and non-constricting. It stays in one position overnight and prevents the phone from falling out and rolling in bed. The design is low-profile, allowing for a variety of arm positions. The testing that I’ve done with off-the shelf armbands revealed that most of them are made for larger circumference biceps, and thus cannot even be secured to the wrist. The one strap design is fine for running, where a certain degree of freedom is expected, but it is not secure enough for sleep, as it may cause the phone to be torn off the wrist, causing discomfort.

By pre-ordering the product, you are helping the Lucid Dreaming App happen. Those who will buy the original armband would receive a free upgrade  to armband Mk.II when the product design improves!

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