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Singularity iPhone Help

Introduction Welcome!

Complete Singularity Experience Manual (version 1.1) , updated Dec 28 2011:



Singularity is an iPhone application that plays audio, vibration and light reminders at night to help you realize that you are dreaming, wake you up and help you re-enter your dreams consciously.   When you know that you are dreaming, and are experiencing your dreams consciously, you may do anything that you wish. It is a brand new kind of virtual reality like entertainment.

[important]For best quality, watch these videos on your iOS device (to get proper screen ratios)[/important]

Dream Reentry/ DEILD/Dream Chaining explained:

If you are a complete beginner and do not recognize any of these terms, this 10 minute tutorial will make it pretty clear as to what you may be getting with Singularity Experience 1.0 . The app is intended to be used with this technique: Dream reentry.

[important]To do the technique, you are awoken in REM and you re-enter a dream by doing a visualization excercise. See video for more details[/important]


Dream Reentry Self-Hypnosis and affirmation script

Self hypnosis works best when you do not feel anything. With this script, you can put yourself into a light hypnosis state, where your intention to re-enter dreams consciously upon awakening will be intensified.



Beginner Video Tutorial:

This tutorial covers multiple aspects of the app, from calibration to starting the app and dream journaling.



Biological Clock Tutorial:

This tutorial explains the Singularity Tab, home of the Astro-Biological Clock. This clock looks complex, but by watching the tutorial you would be able to easily understand it.

The clock Helps you:

  • Pick wake up times
  • Bed times
  • Predict when dreaming will happen
  • Understand if you will be feeling Jet Lag



Configuring Dream Reentry Reminders:

The core of the application is it’s ability to deliver light-audio reminders in *suspected REM*.

The tutorial helps you:

  • Understand which reminder will be played
  • Pick duration and intensity



Light reminder warning:

Your brain would feel receptive to some reminders, but will be confused and frazzled by others. Avoid rapidly changing between reminders in a short period of time: