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Heroes of Blood Magic : Tactical RPG for iPad

Heroes of Blood Magic is a game that I developed in 2013 in an attempt to get better at algorithms and try a new kind of AI.

Tactical RPG: Heroes of Blood Magic User Manual

Below is a manual defining rules of the Tactical RPG for iPad.


Each turn your characters may move a number of squares equal to their moves attribute (foot icon). Some terrain 2 moves to cross. Available moves are highlighted in yellow. Your character can attack or use ability once per turn. Once attacked, you cannot move or swap equipment anymore.

Turn Based Combat System

The combat system is simple:


  • Physical attack is indicated by a sword symbol.
  • Magic attack is indicated by a magic wand.
  • 1 armor blocks 1 physical damage (from melee weapons and physical skills)
  • 1 magic resist blocks 1 magical damage from any source (magical weapons or magical skills

A defender can retaliate (counter attack) to each attack once if the attacker is within range. For example:

  • An archer (range 2-8) can always counter if attacked by a wizard (range 2-6
  • A ranger (range 2-8can counter if attacked by a spearman from range 2
  • A wizard (range 2-6cannot retaliate if attacked by an orc (range 1)

Characters lose their ability to counterattack if they are:

  • Knocked down – cannot counterattack
  • Blinded – cannot counterattack
  • Attacked from stealth if cannot see invisibility
  • Unconscious – stamina at 0

Stats and Attributes

Your characters have two primary attributes:

  • Health – determines when a character dies
  • At less than 10 health your character loses 20% attack and armor/resist
  • At less than 5 health your character loses 40% of attack and armor/resist
  • Stamina – is used for movement, attacking/counter attacking and most skills
  • Attacking/counter costs 1 each
  • Moving costs 1 stamina
  • At less than 10 stamina your character loses 20% attack and armor/resist
  • At less than 5 stamina your character loses 40% of attack and armor/resist

The penalties from having low health and stamina stack, so a character at 4 hp and 4 stamina will lose 80% of attack and armor – just about anyone can kill it.

Your characters primary attributes is affected by their stats. Stats play important role in some skills.

  • Strength increases melee and ranged physical damage by +1 and counter attack by 1.bEach 5 points of strength increase health by +1 hp
  • Constitution increases characters’s health by +3hp and stamina by +2sp per  1 point. Increases armor by +1 per 3 points
  • Speed increases maximum moves by +1 per 3 points. Increases melee and ranged damage by +1 per 3 points and counterattack by +1 per 5 points.
  • Intellect increases magic damage by +1 and magic counter by +1 per 1 point. Increases magic resist by +1 per 2 points.
  • Piety increases healing done and received by  +1 per 1 point. Increases stamina by +1 sp per 1 point. +1 magic resist per 2 points. +1 magic damage and +1 magic counter per 3 points

Each time your characters gain a level, they get 2 points to spend on stats. Every 5th level they get 4 points to spend. Additionally, stats can be raised using energy, if you have enough of it. The formula for this is current stat x 500 energy. Stats can be raised by wearing magical equipment.


Characters earn xp by killing enemies. To level up, a character requires previous level x 1000 xp:

  • 1000 xp to reach level 2
  • 2000 xp to reach level 3
  • 3000 xp to reach level 4
  • 4000 xp to reach level 5

Each level a character gains +2 stat points and can learn a new skill.

Learning Skills

To learn a skill:

  • go to the “Magic” tab in inventory
  • Tap on a skill to reveal the learn button
  • Tap on the learn button to learn skill

Skill, Cost and Upkeep

Each skill has a certain cost associated with it:

  • Energy cost – paid once upon activating the skill
  • Stamina cost – paid once upon activating the skill
  • Upkeep – paid each turn automatically as long as the skill is active
  • Range – how far the skill can be used from the character
  • Target type – some skills target characters, others target ground

Skill target is marked with a red reticle. If you tap on a skill and see no targets, you may need to move closer to your target.

To cancel active skill, go to the Magic tab, select a character, tap on a skill to reveal active instances of that skill. Tap on X to cancel skill and stop paying upkeep every turn.


Terrain Types

  • Plains, ice, blasted land and roads cost 1 moves to cross.
  • Swamp, Hill and Forest cost 2 moves to cross.
  • Water and mountains are impassable.

Additionally, certain terrain types benefit characters that occupy them:

  • Swamps are full of life energy and boost character’s magic +2
  • Blasted Land (bottom of map) drains character’s life energy and penalizes magic -4 
  • Ice Land (top of map) is cold and drains character’s stamina by -1 each turn
  • Hills increase counter attack  +2, and range  +1
  • Forests increase attack  +2



Your characters start with some equipment, but more can be found. There are:

  • Helmet slot
  • Armor slot
  • Cloak slot
  • Shield slot
  • Boots slot
  • Primary weapon slot
  • Secondary weapon slot
  • 10 slots for rings (or 1 amulet and 9 rings)

To equip an item, drag it from the bag onto the model. To unequip an item, drag it off the model into the bag.

To swap weapons, tap on the bottom weapon

To examine items, tap on them. Two item examine boxes allow you to view items side by side


Item magical effects

Items are color-coded according to how rare they are:

  • Gray is inferior
  • White is common – no enchantments
  • Green is magical – 1 enchantment, better stats
  • Blue is rare – 2 enchantments, better stats
  • Orange is legendary – 3 enchantments, better stats
  • Red is epic – 4 enchantments, best stats

Item effects are as follows:

  • Vampiric – heals attacker for 1 hp
  • Holy – 2 extra damage versus undead and evil creatures
  • Enchanted – 1 damage bonus
  • Impact – 2 extra armor penetration
  • Mending – heals the wearer 1 hp/turn
  • Fortifying – restores 1 stamina /turn
  • Draining – deals 2 extra stamina damage
  • Strong +1 strength
  • Enduring +1 constitution
  • Swift +1 speed
  • Smart +1 intelligence
  • Pious +1 piety


Each turn, your character can drink multiple potions without spending an action. Potions are fairly expensive, and should be though of as emergency items.

  • Healing potion – heals at least 20hp, more for higher hp characters
  • Stamina potion – restores at least 15 stamina, more for higher stamina characters
  • Cure poison – reduces poison level
  • Rage mushroom – grants +5 physical attack bonus for 10 turns
  • Power potion – grants +4 magic attack for 10 turns

Notice that a character deals only one kind of damage at a time, so power potion will not work if you have a melee weapon equipped. Same goes for Rage mushroom.

 Death and Resurrection

Following old school RPG rules, death is not permanent, but it is very expensive to resurrect your characters. There are two ways to bring characters back to life:

  • Resurrection potion available from inventory for a dead character
  • Resurrection spell from the Priest skills

The Priest resurrection skill costs less than the potion. Notice that the Druid’s regrow or regenerate does not work on dead characters.