May 17

New Strobe Feature in V0.7.1!

Lucid Dreaming App works on the principle that sensory data from the outside world still gets processed while asleep and gets integrated into the dream’s content. Today I’m adding another sense to the lucid dreaming app – light!

By cranking the screen’s brightness to 100% for several seconds and changing from light to dark background, a flashing effect is produced which is visible through closed eyelids at night. Only time will tell if this is as effective as NovaDreamer or say REM Dreamer.

Lightning photoshopped to be bright. Photo courtesy of Marlin Harms

Lightning image dimmed. Courtesy of Marlin Harms


The greatest feature about this kind of light strobe is that the images flashed can be anything – they are controlled by two external html webpages which are put in the app’s folder. One is called strobe_bright.html another one is strobe_dark.html the app switches between them very quickly producing a flashing effect.