Dec 23

Singularity Experience V1.1

An improved version of Singularity Experience , a lucid dreaming app for iPhone is coming in January 2012.

Some things to be exited about:

  • Fixed detailed data logging – now you can send yourself detailed information about your sleep through email! If you want to
    A pattern of sleep history over 9 days, shows dreams, lucid dreams, bedtimes and awakenings

    Sleep history helps you see when you dream. Now you can analyze such data in detail using Excel

    contribute to sleep science, simply include science@luciddreamingapp.com into the subject line.

  • Detailed data analysis – a new excel spreadsheet, simply paste in your data and see detailed graphs of your sleep
  • Sleep History analysis – an excel spreadsheet that plots all of your reported dreams and awakening in one graph to show how your dream recall varies over time. This feature also helps understand the sleep cycle length
  • Added ability to dim screen with the sun button on Singularity tab.
  • Reminders now dim screen after being played
  • New Reminder delivery mode: manual – you can schedule a reminder using a timer to play at 0 to 95 minute delay. This feature is useful for WILD induction.
  • New Reminder mode: smart alarm – wakes you up in the light sleep stage that follows dreaming.(Delayed until 1.2)
  • Added vibration and sound enable/disable feature back to the config panel – now you can enable/disable sound and vibration for reminders.
  • Added a custom delay timer for each reminder – you can fine tune when the reminders are played
  • Numerous bugfixes and stability improvements.
Dream history with lucid dreaming app

Dream history with lucid dreaming app