Useful beginner resources

Here’s a list of helpful articles that will introduce you to the subject of lucid dreaming. I will keep updating the list with useful links that I will find.

Join a lucid dreaming forum

There are a lot of people out there who have been dreaming lucidly for years, they can, and have repeatedly answered just about any question about lucid dreaming that you might have:

Reading this forum is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to learn and practice the skill!

Enroll in a lucid dreaming class for free

Learn in a structured environment from the peer selected experts in the field:

Do you still need some motivation?

Here’s a primer on why you might want to learn the lucid dreaming skill:
Any lucid dreamer who neglects dream recall will not stay a lucid dreamer for long!

Looking for extra help?

This site is always up to date on the latest lucid dreaming products and services. From obscure teachings like lucidology to lucid dream induction devices, it has it all:

Don’t neglect the wikipedia!

Jumping from one article to the next is fun and educational! Here are some great pieces to get you started: