Benefits of Airsoft!

a meeting of airsoft players


Airsoft is a sport and a hobby of many mature individuals who collect gear and test their skills against live opponents. It is exciting and if this is not enough, consider other benefits below:


  • You can interact with players from a diverse set of backgrounds, be it academic or professional.
    • It is often difficult to estimate a persons age, as people are treated equally.
  • The sense of community and comaraderie. You may play against some people at one game and with them the next game. After the game you may have a BBQ together and share your experiences at online forums. 
  • You can bond with your friends or children by sharing a common experience. Epic moments like ambushes, assaults or last stands are fun things to talk about. 
  • Airsoft is also an opportunity to exercise your leadership and public speaking skills, if you choose to do so. Influencing squad mates is a useful skill.
  • You have an opportunity to go out and meet new people outside your "home" field.
  • An environment of honor, integrity and teamwork. 


  • Airsoft is a great excercise for your whole body. The type of movement involved in a lot of games (low walk, crawl, sprint) involves different kinds of muscles that you don't normally use sitting behind a desk or even exercising in the gym. 
  • Shooting from cover is quite different from shooting at a range or even hunting. You have to really coordinate your body movement to return fire and stay in cover at the same time.
  • You develop increased endurance, and the ability to manage it appropriately. Many people coming  to play casually are very tired after 4-5 hours. After a few games you can get handle up to 6-8 hours. Some airsoft games last for 12-20 hours (over the course of 2 days). 
  • Increased ability to deal with adrenaline.
  • Breating fresh air outdoors, observing nature. How often do you lay down in the woods for anything?
  • Skill at practical concealment (you can hide from an actively searching group of opponents) and silent movement. 
  • Basic weapon handling skills and body coordination in CQB. 


  • Increased awareness of your surroundings. Both movement and nature. 
  • Increased awareness of how other people think
  • Faster thinking on your feet. 
  • Increased self esteem and self confidence
  • Respect for the law enforcement and the military 
  • A break from the hassles of daily living - there's no phone calls or email on the field.
  • Fun and excitement