Airsoft and Paintball fields

How to find a regular field

How to find a campaign, role play or milsim game

Airsoft and Paintball Fields

Airsoft is played on privately owned, often insured fields. These fields are owned or rented by either either airsoft or paintball enthusiasts and have slightly different flavors of gameplay. Military/Private training facilities feature characteristics of both.
Airsoft fields : Paintball Fields: MOUT Training facilities
-    Generally larger than paintball fields (allows for flanking and tactics) 
-    Are generally smaller (average paintball sized field), with the exception of "woodball" fields Medium - large in size, often restricted areas exist.
Generally have less cover and more space between cover (slower pace, more tactics)
-    Have a lot of cover (leads to faster paced games) Less cover and concealment
-    Fields are more “wild” - camo is more effective -    Field is usually more cared for (loose debris cleaned up to reduce risk of falling) - camo is less effective Fields are well cared for
-    Generally have lesser field fees (~20$ for a day) -    Generally charge higher fees or a per hour fee (paintball is more profitable due to paint sales) Charge higher fees
-    Games are run by your local airsoft community organizers (often requires forum registration), no walk ins -    May allow walk-ins By registration only, but may pay at the field
-    Most of the time there’s no opportunity to rent equipment -    Often have equipment to rent (gun/mask) Rarely an opportunity to rent
-    Less strict rules of engagement or FPS limits (often no chronograph due to no walk ins ) -    May have more restrictive rules of engagement, field boundaries, chronograph is present – stricter FPS limits Very strict FPS limits
-    Very limited or no referees available at small games, honor system in place -    Referees available, honor system is still in place Referees available, honor system upheld.
-    Immature minors are not very welcome -    I would say more minor friendly Often 18+
-    Require you to sign a waiver and a medical release form -    Require you to sign a waiver and a medical release form Require you to sign a waiver and a medical release

How to find regular airsoft field

Depending on your preferences and budget, you may be seeking different kinds of fields to play.  Remember that while barriers to entry may seem a bit high in some cases, airsofters are very open to getting mature new players.

The steps below are not the only way to find an airsoft field for regular play:
Find a few of your state airsoft forums Google [state name ] airsoft forum . Airsoft fields are rarely advertised directly
Join the forum Create a login / username. Airsoft games are usually posted in a private forum
Introduce yourself Introduce yourself in the newbie area if required. Some airsoft communities are more closed than others
Research airsoft related issues Get a feel for the community, look at the loadouts of active members. Do they post pictures? What is the average age of the players? What's their budget?
Look for games posted or ask where to play Airsoft games or events are usually posted in a non publicly viewable subforum.
Look at the game rules or details Are you looking to play on a 4 acre or a 100 acre field? How long is the game? What are the FPS limits and rules of engagement? What's the field fee?
Get directions If no address provided, send a private message to event organizers and get an address or directions
Inquire about waivers and paperwork You may need to print out a liability release waiver or a similar form and bring it with you on the field (may be required every time)
Enjoy Airsoft! Remember, airsoft is a community sport, be a member of the community. Jerks are not welcome to subsequent games!

How to find a campaign, a large scenario or a milsim game

These games are special in several ways. They are pre-planned and promoted by dedicated event organizers who post games on their own forums and also well known forums in the state and surrounding states.  Therefore, your local airsoft board may not have all the game postings available. Campaign games are often multi day events with large number of participants.
To actively search for a campaign game, do the following:
Determine your budget and availability Campaign games involve a significant time effort, as you may need to drive far (gas price), get food along the way and pay a 30-60$ of field fee
Look at your "home" field in the events section.  Links to events would often be posted a couple months in advance
If you find a game - register on the game organizer's boards To find full rules, loadout requirements, game background story, and to sign up for teams, visit the game organizers boards.
If you decide to play - reserve a spot Payment is often handled through Paypal with early signups getting discounts. This allows them to buy props for the game. Look for a walk - in rule or payment at the field options
Check airsoft boards in states bordering your own It is not uncommon to drive 100-200 miles for a large game (60+ people).
Prepare for the game These games are longer and tougher than casual play and often feature 6-12 hours of gameplay with no break for lunch. These are only cancelled in the extreme weather conditions. Be prepared and get in shape.

operation pine plains setup
There are several well known airsoft events throughout the United States that may feature national participation and are often considered the pinnacle of airsoft experience:
Operation Irene
Operation Pine Plains (image above)