Airsoft Field Settings

Airsoft Scenarios

Airsoft Field Settings

There are various distinct flavors of airsoft field play as outlined below:
Environment Description
Woodland This is the most common setting for airsoft. This setting may feature natural obstacles and cover, such as swampy ground, streams, small hills, rough terrain and of course a lot of trees. Areas of tall grass, open meadows and, of course, thornbush keep the game tactically interesting. Opportunities for stealth are abundant, but firing arcs are limited due to a lot of cover and concealment. Limited manmade fortifications - plywood/sandbag bunkers and dugouts may also be available. 
Urban In the airsoft sense, "urban" refers to military close quarters combat training facilities, farms, abandoned industrial complexes, etc. These have more open space and less cover/concealment  than the woodland setting and feature faster paced gameplay. "Urban" fields often feature areas of indoor play.
Indoors Airsoft played indoors ranges from playing in one's own house to small indoor CQB facilities to large warehouses and abandoned buildings (owned by the field organizers). Indoor fields feature a significant amount of manmade cover and sometimes low lighting conditions. Multiple levels may be available. Indoor fields have strict FPS limits due to very close nature of most engagements.
+ Night Any of the above field settings may feature a segment of play taking place at night or during very low light conditions. Night games offer significant challenges to participants due to limited visibility and difficulty in coordinating units in the field. 
+ Role Playing Any of the above field settings may feature a role playing scenario which may involve rescuing hostages / prisoners, having limited ammo or having a pre-defined chain of command with commanding officers focusing on directing the troops more than the field play. "Survival" or "zombie" game would also fall in this category.
North East woodland setting


Urban spiderhole

indoor CQB

Airsoft scenarios

Airsofters get bored of running around shooting at each other whole day, and this is when they devise clever, mind twisting variants of the old "shoot them up" theme. These new games often involve strikingly different tactics.
Game Description
Deathmatch Two or more teams are formed and engage each other with or without respawn rules.
Attack and Defend Two teams are formed. One team holds an objective while another team attempts to seize the objective. This game usually features respawn rules. Teams may be uneven.
Capture and Hold Two teams are formed. Similar to attack and defend, except when the objective is taken, the defender team changes their respawn point and begins to attack the objective. This game features respawn rules. Teams are equal in number.
Hostage Rescue This is a role playing variant where one team must locate and rescue hostages, who then join that team for the remainder of the game. Opposing team defends the hostages and may move them, creating dynamic gameplay.  This game usually features respawn rules
Prisoner game Two teams are formed. The game is a deathmatch variant where people don't respawn, but instead go to the enemy's starting point and wait there as prisoners. Prisoners can be rescued and join the fight. The game continues until one team is eliminated.
"Zombie" game This is a deathmatch variant with no respawn rules, but a "zombie" medic rule. Two teams are formed and they engage each other. When a player is hit, he waits in place to be revived. When revived, the player joins the team that revived him. Therefore one team grows as another shrinks in size. This is a very dynamic game which often features epic last stands.
Role play Zombie game Several teams are formed and they go out accomplishing objectives. A small group of "super zombies" inserts at the field and starts fighting humans. Every hit player becomes an unarmed zombie. These games always feature limited ammunition and zombie masks. No respawn rules.
Escort Two uneven teams are formed. The objective of a smaller team is to escort a VIP to a predefined location. Larger team hunts the VIP. This game often focuses on stealth and deception. 
Bombing Run Two teams are formed and one team needs to bring a [very heavy] bomb to a pre-defined location. The weight of the bomb prevents the bomb carrier from moving rapidly or shooting effectively, resulting in significant teamwork requirments to succeed. 
Capture the Flag An old school game with two equal teams trying to capture each others flags. May feature respawn rules away from the flag. 
King of the hill Two or more teams try to plant their flag in a pre-determined location and then protect it. This game usually features very close respawns and very fast action.
Foxes and Hounds (search and destroy) This is an uneven game with two teams. The "foxes" team is given a few minutes lead time to hide around the field. The "hounds" team then searches the field to eliminate the foxes. Hounds have respawn rules, while foxes do not. 
Last Stand Two teams are formed. The objective of a small team (usually less than 6 people) is to hold a pre-defined location against a very numerically superior team (3-4 times larger) which attempts to seize the location and eliminate the small team. The small team has no respawn rules, but may have a medic rule. The large team has a respawn rule with the respawn usually located very close to the objective. The small team is timed and the times are than compared among several teams. 
Patrol In this game variant several small squads are formed and are tasked to patrol the field in search of objectives. The game features may feature medic rules. The game focuses on using squad tactics and stealth rather than pure firepower.
CQB A game variant or a setting where engagement distances are very limited. CQB features a lot of cover and movement. May feature respawn rules.
Last man Standing This is a variant of a free for all CQB, usually played with less than 10 players. The objective is to survive and be the last man standing. No respawn rules.
"Back to basics"
Pistols and shotguns
This is a CQB variant which involves pistols and shotguns only. Players split into teams and engage each other with limited ammunition and range. Usually these games are very intense. No respawn rules.
Scenario game This usually features several teams with a diverse set of objectives that are often executed simultaneously.
Milsim This kind of games often feature a pre-defined chain of command with regular players following squad leader's orders. Squad leaders report to commanding officers.