Gear Descriptions:

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Backyard Airsoft!

Gear Description

Below is a detailed description of gear that you may consider getting for complete backyard experience

Primary weapon:

Consider the following  points when shopping for a primary for backyard games.
  • Safety – stay within 300 fps with 0.2s to avoid injuries, broken windows, dimpled cars
  • Resale value – if you stop playing, you will want to ebay/craigslist your stuff and get something back. The options listed will bring in some value, while other options (listed in the “tourist traps” section  below will not, as the market for them is oversaturated)
  • Ability to advance to play Regular or scenario Airsoft. It is a lot easier to get an item or two loaned to you if you join a community and already have some airsoft gear (ex: a mask and a pistol)
Recommended AEG brands:  new CYMA AK47 series CM 028, 031; ECHO 1 G36c Series. Don't upgrade these guns yet. Alternatively you may search huge airsoft communities (like ASR.com) or your local airsoft forum  for deals on airsoft weaponry (M4 / M16 variants) (here's how to find a local community). Craigslist or Ebay may also help to get used gear, but Ebay has brutal competition from airsoft retailers nowadays. If you decide to join regular airsoft, you can find a person to swap the internal parts of your gun to increase its FPS.

Recommended AEP brands: CYMA, the Glock 18c (G18C) or M9 / M93R models which feature 500mAh rechargeable battery(lasts for 300-400 shots), 30 round magazine, semi and full automatic firing. Average FPS is around 200 with 0.2s, which is weak, but still fun. AEPs are very compact and easy to handle (ex - shoot through a tiny hole), but still have good weight to them and feel solid.

Spring 3 round shotguns can be fun and come with about 5 shells out of the box. Each shell holds 30BBs, resulting in 10 shots, the reload shell action. Aim for 50$-70$ price range when looking for a shotgun. Shotguns are sometimes used in CQB encounters (FPS limit of 300-325 with 0.2s). 3 round shotguns are sometimes in role play zombie themed games. It is recommended to get a shotgun with no stock, as stocks make aiming down the sights difficult in full face masks. Try to find one used on Ebay, as these are often being offloaded after a few games. Please note: these may be difficult to cock if you are young

Springer suggestions – if you are on a very tight budget, get a 15$ springer with a speed loader. Look for a hopup feature (it is  most likely fixed and is set for 0.12g BBs) and a speed loader included in the package. Low FPS springers with no hopup are only useful for shooting paper targets at 15 feet. You can save money by not buying extra magazines and using your speed loader to reload instead. Taking cover and reloading takes only a few seconds after you get used to that.

Primary Magazine

It is recommended to get a clone high capacity magazine (400-600 rounds) if you get an AEG . Even if your AEG came with a highcap, chances are that it will be of low enough quality and will frequently misfeed. Clone magazines feed bbs decently and can be purchased very inexpensively. This should not cost you more than 25$ at most airsoft retailers.
If you get an AEP as your primary, getting a spare magazine may be a worthwhile investment (10-15$)

Backup weapon

If you are playing in your backyard and go with the primary weapon recommendations above, you will not need a backup weapon because your FPS will be acceptable. Nor will you need camouflage, because it is not effective at such short range.

Face protection

 Backyard airsoft qualifies as CQB encounters. Players understanding of safety may be limited. Therefore it is highly recommended to get a full face mask for all close games.The little shooting glasses that come with a lot of guns simply dont offer adequate protection for CQB situations. They also dont protect your teeth. You dont grow more eyes or teeth as you age :) A paintball mask offers good protection at close range. New Paintball full face (not full head) masks are better due to intact anti-fog coating on the lenses. Fog is the number one bane of airsoft and wearing sweatshirts or hoods makes your mask fog even faster.  A simple safety rule that you can implement goes like this : semi auto only in CQB and no headshots.

Paintball Gloves

These gloves (20$) are designed to soften the impact of paintballs if you get hit in your hand. Most rental paintball markers (Tipmann 98s) have a front foregrip, making the hand holding that a target of opportunity. Taking a 280 FPS paintball in the knuckles at close range hurts like hell, even with these gloves. I highly recommend such gloves for all CQB airsoft skirmishes as well, especially if people will be using gas pistols.You may find paintball gloves in your local walmart, paintball section.

Speed Loader

This little device is your best friend, as it allows you to reload your  magazine in a matter of seconds. It is very useful for CQB encounters and helps restart the games faster (as people dont have to spend a long time reloading).

Airsoft BBs

Even though most "toy" grade airsoft guns come with 0.12g BBs, they are not recommended for any guns listed above except the springer. Heavier grade BBs result in tighter grouping at longer ranges and the shift from 0.12s to 0.2s produce significantly tighter shot groupings due to more consistent shape, weight and less deviation caused by wind
  • Get a bag of 4000- 5000 mid grade 0.2g BBs if you are using an AEP or a Shotgun. You physically cannot spend more than 400 BBs during a game if you are using an AEP (you will run out of battery power). 5 shotgun shells hold 150 BBs.
  • Get 2 bags (8000 - 10000) mid grade 0.2g BBs if you are using an AEG
  • Get 1000 rounds of 0.12 if you are using a springer, as your hopup (if you have one) is likely set for this weight BBs and the chances are your springer pistol will die before you shoot 1000 rounds. Plan accordingly. 
You may consider getting black BBs if you decide to play around the house - they are harder to spot on the floor, so chances are you can keep your shenanigans for longer before people get upset with all that plastic on the floor and make you clean up :) Black BBs are almost invisible in flight. Avoid picking up and reusing BBs, because they may damage your gun or shatter.


Many people dont think about hydration when they start playing. Don't get dehydrated! It is recommended to have some bottled water available.
 Follow the U.S. Military Fluid Replacement Guidelines :
CQB airsoft would be a high intensity activity.


Protect your ankles! Playing in sneakers may result in injury. While it is not required to purchase a set of boots for backyard games, I would recommend a military/law enforcement variety if you can get them on sale. Use hiking boots if you have them.

Field fee

Usually there's no field fee for the backyard games, the joy of playing is good enough.

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