Milsim Airsoft
 Equipment - What will I need to play?
While you will still need most of the gear listed below, you may also need additional pieces or props. Therefore I cannot easily estimate the investment just yet.
Item Description Price low
Price high
Primary weapon AEG or GBB 400 FPS with 0.2s, probably with blowback 100 300
Primary weapon Magazines Midcaps or lowcaps 30 70
Spare battery for primary 1-2 x  battery for your primary weapon (NiMh rechargeable ) 25 50
Universal airsoft charger Automatically stops charging batteries. Can charge various NiCd and NiMh batteries 20 30
Backup weapon Green Gas pistol (GBB or NBB) (320 fps with 0.2s) 70 150
Speed Loader Cheap no name 100 round speedloader (may look like a rifle magazine) 10 10
Camouflage Per teams requirements 50 60
Vest or a chest rig Per teams requirments, probably MOLLE or a plate carrier
100 300
Airsoft/ Paintball gloves Specially designed gloves to protect hands from blunt impact. Probably the only non- 20 30
Face protection Full seal goggles, no masks 40 150
Anti fog spray or wipes Anti fog solution + soft non abrasive cloth or compressed air to clean lenses. Higher quality goggles fog less 10 20
Knee pads As per teams requirements

Boots Law enforcement or military varieties (assault or tactical boots) 50 150
Airsoft BBs Per teams requirements

Barrel Plug Save one that came with your AEG or get one 2 5
Hydration Usually a hydration pack 3 30
Radio + headset You will definitely need a headset and maybe a certain brand of a radio

Scope Depending on your role, probably a replica or a real deal, no hunting rifle scopes 50 200
Bug repellent ~40 deet rating 5 7
Field Fee Varies greatly based on the game played

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