Regular Skirmish
“Regular” airsoft games involve playing ad-hoc games on privately owned fields. You will know a lot of the players on the field, but there’s no pre-defined teams or camouflage/ weaponry/ loadout requirements. Most of the games are not pre – planned and include whatever people feel like playing. Such events are fun and often fast paced. A regular game can last for an hour or two, with 2-3 games in sequence (~3 hours before break). A subset of regular games are short elimination or CQB games which are also fun."Back to basics" - pistols and shotguns games offer a new challenge to people used to AEGs. For more information, see the list of airsoft game varieties
Budget - How much will it cost me?
Here are the high level costs associated with getting retail airsoft equipment. It includes all you need to play safely and comfortably. Detailed breakdown is provided in the "what will I need?" section below.
Loadout Budget AEG (CYMA/ Echo 1) Average AEG Quality AEG (TM) + Extras
Initial Costs 633$ 933$ 1440$
Ongoing costs 30$ / game 30$ / game 30$ / game
When getting into regular airsoft, expect to spend a significant amount of money on gear. The suggestions below are intended to help you minimize money spent on shipping and gear that you are not going to use (after all, most people can only shoot 1 gun at a time and wear one set of gear) or gear that has low utility.
Significant savings can be realized by buying second hand gear at 40-60% of retail price
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