Gun safety
Even though airsoft guns are not as dangerous as real guns, a number of gun safety of  measures related to handling your airsoft gun.
Requirement to remove magazines Magazines are removed from guns while in safe zones
Requirement to clear the barel Upon removing the magazine, a couple shots are fired to clear the barrel
Requirement to use barrel plugs Barrels are plugged with a cap to increase safety
Trigger safety Outside combat, the trigger finger is never resting on the trigger. It is resting alongside the gun
Keep your barrel low Be aware of where your airsoft weapon is pointing when it is slung. Try to keep it with barrel pointing down or at least horizontally. Don't have it pointing in people's faces
Field safety
 A lot of fields have rules similar to these. The list is non - exhaustive and there are definitely variations out there.
Wearing full a seal goggles or a paintball mask is required for players above 18 Most fields leave this option to players over 18
Wearing a full face paintball mask is required for players 13-18 Most fields enforce this rule
Parental/guardian consent is required for minors Fields require players under 18 to have their parents sign the consent form as well. Parents are aware that their kids are playing airsoft.
Liability release waivers and medical release forms are requied Legal release forms are often used by fields that are not insured to minimize liability. Emergency contact infomation is captured.
Guns are chronographed
with known weight BBs
Many fields and events require you to demonstrate that your gun is within the field approved FPS limits
Players are informed of the "safety kills" A player can call another player out without shooting if an encounter is less than 10 feet apart.
Minimum engagement distances with AEGs at 400 FPS with 0.2s Some fields require AEGs close to the fields FPS limit to have a minimum engagement distance of  around 30 feet
Minimum engagement distances
with sniper rifles at 400+ FPS with 0.2s
Most fields require snipers to switch to a backup weapon when engaging targets at less than 100 feet
Sniper rifles are required to function in the semi automatic mode only Sniper rifles and weapons firing above 400 FPS are required to function in semi automatic mode only to minimize the risk of accident
Referees are assigned to resolve conflicts or spot check the FPS of players Paid referees are present at most large games and at the very least the game organizer is monitoring a designated radio channel
Players are required to have a radio or a whistle during long games Players can communicate to the event organizers if hurt on the field.
Players are required to use bright red rags to demonstrate they "dead" A red rag is required by all fields and is worn when "dead" or leaving from/ inserting to the field in the middle of a game
Players are aware not to shoot at people with no eye protection. Games are halted if a person with no eye protection is present on the field.
Physical contact is prohibited or restricted Safety or knife kills require tapping a player.
Players are required to have a flashlight and a red glow stick for night games This allows people to navigate to/from spawn points during night games.
Paintball fields may mark off "danger zones" and clear fields of debris Cliffs and other danger zones are marked, players are aware to avoid them. Loose branches and deadwood is collected and piled for cover.
Pyrotechnics and pyrotechnic smoke are prohibited by most fields. This reduces the risk of a wildfire or authorities being called to deal with smoke in urban areas.
What to do when you are hit:
  • Turn away from the impact and yell "HIT!!!" so the other player would hear you. This makes people stop shooting at you. 
  • Assume non-threatening stance - lower your weapon and sit on your butt
  • Put a red rag on your head - this designates you as out of play
  • Follow the rules of play - you may have to sit put for a couple minutes to bleed out or proceed to respawn.
  • Dead men dont talk to their team
  • Keep your gun in a non-threatening way and proceeded directly to respawn or staging area.
Minimize risk of unlawful exposure.
Keep your gear and weapons in the trunk when going to/ from the field Don't keep your airsoft weapons within arms reach - you dont need them.
Avoid flashing airsoft weapons in public, even if you have the orange tip on Most people have never heard of airsoft and will call the police if they see assault weaponry in the neighbourhood (depends on your state !)
Don't wear full camouflage while driving to or from the field. Leave the pants on and put your shirt in the trunk This makes you look a lot less agressive if stopped
If you have a paintball mask, leave it prominently displayed in your trunk above your gear/ gun cases This sets up the context for what the officer is about to see :)
Do not reach out for the weapon to "demonstrate" that it is a toy Let the officer inspect the guns if he wishes to do so.
Do not shoot the gun out of your house at pedestrians, automobiles, animals, etc. This will generate complaints and is likely to get you in trouble and have your airsoft weapons seized.
Don't leave gear, magazines or airsoft rifles laying out in the open where random people (like pizza delivery) can see them This will minimize the risk of  a visit to your home.
There's a lot of confusion out there about orange flashhiders. I suggest keeping it on and have seen some people put a layer of black electric tape over it during field play.
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