Scenario Airsoft
Scenario and campaign airsoft games are large events with participation ranging in the 60-200 range, played at large field, usually with pre-defined squads or a command structure. Scenario games feature a set of objectives that the teams attempt to accomplish throughout the day.

These games are long and it is not uncommon for a game to last for the whole day with no breaks. These games are marathons of endurance and have a lot slower pace. However, when engagements happen, expect epic asssaults, flanking maneuvers and "defense in depth". You may also be stuck defending some outpost for an hour while and nothing seems to happen, until you realize than an enemy squad was sneaking up on your position for the last half an hour : )

Due to a very large number of attendees, identifying your team becomes difficult, therefore uniform requirements are always in effect (usually green vs tan vs other)

Scenario games are one time events, while campaign scores feature persistent scoring. There are often raffles and prizes from airsoft retailers that sponsor the events.
Budget - How much will it cost me?
You may play scenario and campaign games with the same equipment as regular airsoft, but you may have to pick up a few extra items.
Loadout Budget AEG (CYMA/ Echo 1) Average AEG Quality AEG (TM) + Extras
Initial Costs 633$ 933$ 1440$
Ongoing costs 40-70$ / game 40-70$ / game 40-70$ / game
As with regular airsoft, expect steep upfront costs associated with buying retail airsoft equipment. Additionally, you may need to drive long distances to get to these games, so factoring in gas, toll and food prices is a good idea. If you do not drive yourself, it is highly recommended to find a ride with someone from your local airsoft community. It will be problematic to get someone to drive you 50-200 miles on a short notice.

As with regular airsoft, purchasing used gear will save you 40-60%.
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