Scenario Airsoft
 Equipment - What will I need?
Below the requirements to play scenario games are similar to regular games gear with the following exceptions:
Item Description Price low
Price high
Regular airsoft gear Stuff you will buy for a regular game minus items below 334 763
Primary weapon AEG (professionally upgraded to 400 with 0.2g BBs FPS)  250 400
Primary weapon Magazines 2x highcap magazines (400- 600 BB capacity)
4x midcap magazines (100-130 BB capacity)
or 6-10x lowcap magazines (30-40 BB capacity)
or 6-10x realcap magazines (real capacity: 5-30)
Magazine dump pouch for lowcaps Used to hold empty low caps if you have a lot of them 20 30
Spare battery for primary 1-2 x  battery for your primary weapon (NiMh rechargeable ) 25 50
Camouflage Woodland BDU  (April – October) or Desert BDU (November – March). Shirt and pants. 50 60
Eye / Face Protection Always required full seal goggles or a paintball mask 20 150
Hydration Bottled water 20 bottles or a hydration pack with 1-2 gallons refill 8 35
Food Plan your food supply for multi day events 15 30
Sleeping bag If you need to camp overnight
Inclement weather gear Seasonal. Could be an olive drab poncho and rubber overshoes 15 30
Flashlight To find your way around at night 5 10
Field Fee Required for all games 1-2 days  35 70
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