Airsofters use a lot of fancy language which sometimes confuses people, especially if they try to shop for an affordable airsoft gun. Language like "Great airsoft gun 400 FPS!!!" should raise questions
Term Simple Definition
AEG Automatic Electric Gun (replica gun with metal gearbox and gears after Tokyo Marui design)
LPEG Low Power Electric Gun (replica toys with plastic gearboxes and gears)
AEP Automatic Electric Pistol  (AEG gearbox miniaturized to fit in a pistol)
GBB Gas Blowback pistol / rifle  (features slide blowback or recoil action)
NBB Gas Non Blowback pistol / rifle (simplest gas weapon design)
EBB Electric Blowback (electric motor provides recoil, try before you buy)
MOLLE Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (allows you to customize your pouches position and number)
PDW Personal Defense Weapon, a very compact submachine gun or an assault pistol
Green Gas Lower power gas propellant   HCFC 22
Red Gas Higher power gas propellant (Freon)
CO2 Refers to compressed Carbon Dioxide cartridges as gas propellant
HighCap High capacity magazine (winding, 200+ rounds, depending on size)
MidCap Non-winding, spring loaded magazine with 50-160 rounds capacity
Low Cap Non-winding, spring loaded magazine with 30-50 rounds capacity
Real Cap Spring loaded, non winding magazines with capacity equal to the real steel counterpart
FPS Feet per Second, refers to the velocity of the projectile upon exiting the weapons barrel
Chrono Chronograph, a device used to measure velocity of projectiles
ROF Rate of Fire per second (common AEG rate of fire out of the box is 10-13)
J Joules, a unit of kinetic energy, calculated by multiplying the mass of the projectile by velocity squared. Therefore 400 FPS with 0.2 gram BB will have less energy than 400 FPS with 0.25 gram
BB Airsoft projectile (usually 6mm). Comes in 0.12gram-0.43gram plastic varieties
CQB Close Quarters Battle
CQC Close Quarters Combat
MOUT Military Operations on Urban Terrain
Camping Refers to sitting in one spot to ambush targets of opportunity
Line of Drift Areas where players are most likely to pass through when not in combat
Choke Point Think the movie 300 : )
Flanking Engaging opponents from the side
CO Commanding officer
Internal parts
Gearbox Refers to a shell with a set of gears, motor, spring and a piston that compress air for airsoft purposes
V2, V3, V4 Refers to various versions of gearbox developed by Tokyo Marui 
Tightbore A barrel tighter than 6.05 mm, common tightbores are 6.03mm
NiMH A battery type which does not suffer from the memory effect (no need to discharge before recharging)
LiPo Lithium Polymer, the same batteries are used in cellphones and computers. (usually 3 cell 10.8V)
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