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Help your teams reach their full potential!

How can you get your employees to work as a team and demonstrate dedication and enthusiasm ? Imagine people working through their differences and directing their energy towards accomplishing your company's goals. All that while doing their best and having a good time! Imagine an ability to solve problems in the most creative way and ability to become a leader in the market... Seeing new ways of accomplishing tasks, launching new products... The possibilities are endless. We'll show you how!

Finally, a comprehensive team building program that works has been created, and it is rather simple!

The idea catalyst program includes 7 modules filled with fun techniques to get your employees engaged and start working as a team. This program goes far beyond the usual team building ice breakers and uses proven techniques that work!

The program involves actionable techniques to achieve these results:

  • Improving interpersonal relationships in the workplace
  • Fostering self awareness and consideration for others
  • Bridging the gap between employees and managers
  • Establishing consistent team building routines
  • Helping you define a challenging goal that will bring your teams together
  • Creating opportunities to practice teamwork
  • Slowly creating an environment where creativity and innovation are valued and applied

The program is all about action and engagement. Teamwork requires effort and practice, and there's no way around that. The program takes employees through a series of small steps towards understanding themselves, their work environment and contributing meaningfully to that work.

Imagine being able to give your teams tools they need to succeed at these difficult tasks and an ability to apply their new knowledge to the task, immediately. The idea catalyst program does just that.

We guarantee that the program works and will refund your money if you are not satisfied with it for any reason!

Why you should invest in team building!

Every year your company spends a lot of money on software, office supplies and office maintenance. Yet you are probably spending a lot less on tools to help your employees be engaged, productive and committed to the success of your company. And it's your employees who are doing the work. They are your most valuable asset!


Are your employees and managers properly equipped to deal with the challenges of working together?

It takes an average of 1.5x the salary in training costs and lost productivity to replace and retrain an employee. Even if you don't have to replace an employee, the productivity loss due to disengagement may negatively affect the morale of your teams and make other people work longer hours. It is a downward spiral that we will help you to avoid!

The workload of US employees has been climbing steadily over the past 30 years, resulting in more work for the same pay. If extra pay is not an option, what about increasing the intrinsic work satisfaction?

The purpose of the idea catalyst program is not to sell you an expensive consulting session, but to provide you with a self sustaining program that can be applied by average team members to turn themselves into a high performing team. The system is the solution.

How this team building program works:

There are many teamwork programs out there, some are successful. How is this program different? The answer is simple. Most teamwork programs revolve around the presence of a powerful and charismatic consultant. This program does not involve consultants

The program begins by building a foundation that creates and atmosphere of respect and it is remarkable that this knowledge has been around for a hundred years! They are simple, they are common sense, yet they are the first things to fly out the window under pressure of today's high speed corporate world! Re-introducing these time tested principles alone will remove a great deal of tension and help people work together more effectively.

Because people are fundamentally different, there are many unseen elements of diversity in the workplace. This diversity is what makes high performance teams succeed, but it can also create a great deal of tension. The program uses a time-tested personality model to make these vague differences easily understood!


Teams are made of people from different levels of organization. Using the latest internet trends, the idea catalyst program finally helps you breach the gap of understanding between a manager and an employee! This is a groundbreaking concept which, when blended together with others principles, produces truly spectacular understanding in as little as 2 weeks!


Numerous restructing, downsizing and rightsizing projects, combined with the creation of virtual teams, almost eliminated the good old structured team activities that were used to build teams. Consistent team building routines make it easier to manage a team.We show you how to re-introduce these quirky, yet fun activities into your weekly routine.

Practicing teamwork...requires team effort! This simple fact makes or breaks a lot of team building initiatives. We show you how to get everyone on board and keep the process going.

Without a challenging goal, there's no perceived need for teamwork. Having a challenging goal, which requires expertise of all team members, brings your team together against an external challenge. We show you how to introduce such goal or make an existing project into a worthy and engaging one. 

Do you remember when you first started working, what were your dreams and aspirations? What did you want to accomplish? The spark of this desire is still alive in most employees, and we show you how to rediscover their creativity and direct it towards meaningful work, resulting in a meaningful innovation for the company.

The Idea Catalyst program is intended to work as a self development program, with little outside help. You do not need a spectacular manager or fantastic employees to get it to work. An average employee can get a lot out of it as well! The system is the solution in this case.

What is an Idea Catalyst Ball?

An idea ball is a prop that is included with the program. It is intended to help you bring creativity to your conference rooms and keep people engaged.

The Lime Green idea ball is a catalyst for general creativity and idea generation. Nothing is too small for this ball - its hip, young and modern and wants to play! It is intended to help your team re-awaken their of creativity and combine it with their business knowledge. The lime green idea ball also loves to break ice at meetings and get people engaged. This ball is a great reason to have a meeting outside!

The True Blue idea ball is a catalyst for innovation. It is all about business, customers and market leadership. Making things cost less, move faster and sell better is what this ball is all about. Focused on innovative thinking, this ball is bringing the results that are truly meaningful to the company, its employees or customers.


How does an Idea Catalyst Ball work?

Here's how the idea ball works:

Pick up a ball, now you have 30 seconds to say, sing, rhyme, mime or draw an idea for the audience. Be creative! It is important that your teammates understand you. Don't worry if this seems awkward at first, as practice makes perfect. Now that you stated your idea, pass the ball to the person on your left to repeat the process. Each subsequent person can create a new idea or expand on an existing one. Keep the ball floating around, so each person expresses 2 ideas. Now that people are awake, excited and comfortable with each other, begin your meeting. You will notice that the idea ball is significantly more effective than the usual "how's the weather" socializer that usually starts the meeting, and people are more engaged. They are thinking. They are fully present. 

Over time, people begin to associate the feeling of excitement with the meetings!

Why does the Idea Catalyst Ball work?


The ball by itself, is a creatively branded piece of rubber. In proper hands, it becomes a catalyst for team building, innovation and creativity. It is a symbol and a licence to practice the techniques discussed in the manual at the beginning of a meeting. The fact that the ball has been bought by the company for your use demonstrates that you are welcome to use it.

The ball is catalyst for creativity in business.When the idea balls become present in multiple conference rooms will they become truly useful, because ideas will flow around, pass from one team to the next and generally excercise the creative thinking muscles of corporate employees.

The idea catalyst ball works based on a scientifically proven concept of social intelligence. It is old news that only 7% of our communication is done through the words we say and the other 93% are translated non-verbally. The emotional and social intelligence studies demonstrate that people actually interpret and absorb emotions of those around them. Thus, being around cheerful, enthusiastic people makes you more cheerful and enthusiastic yourself. You want to be with these cheerful people, you want to work and solve problems with them. The idea catalyst ball excercises and ice breakers capture this concept by making the beginning of every meeting full of shy smiles, bold ideas, energy and creativity. And because the ball is there to last, it starts a slow process of organizational culture change, transforming people around it.

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